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Tayla grew up largely on a farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, where she developed her love for nature. After completing school she spent time in Botswana before studying EcoTourism management in Pretoria, which served as a springboard into a guiding career at Phinda ...

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Lovely blog Tayla. I love the call if yhe Bubbling Kassinas. The first time we’ve heard them was at Londolozi on drive with Kate Imri. I have got a question. Is the painted reed frog the rain frog as we call it in the Lowveld. Or is it another name for a Bubbling Kassina?

Tayla, I loved all the frogs, I saved the frog reed, and I saved the frog with sac🤗

Great tory and great pictures !

Very nice post it made me smile. And very interesting

Love frogs. Always knew when the rains would start as the frogs in our neighbour’s pond would burst into a nightly chorus the night before. Now in the UK I am always delighted when I discover a frog or toad in my flowerpots. Thanks for this post.

Thanks Tayla! Your post was as humorous as it was interesting, the the photos are wonderful!

That must have been fun, torches in hand, frogging and not knowing what you’ll find. Great job finding the Golden Leaf folding frog- the photo is awesome! Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures.

Taylor, what a fun story and adventure. It must’ve been a challenge to find spots to see them safely, especially, as you mentioned, with those pesky crocodiles in many of the waterholes! Thanks for educating us about the sounds they make. Quite interesting!

A cheerful blog to start my day Tayla ❤️ some super photos considering your muddy ordeal ! Miss the sound of frogs at night but brings back many happy memories of doing much the same as a child. 🙏😊

Hi Tayla! Loved to read your blog about frogs! Beautiful pictures! Brave of you to go out to the Golden Leaf-folding Frog! Thank you for sharing!

That sounds like great fun!

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