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on The Great Conjunction of the Summer Solstice

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It is so exciting to be around for these great celestial events. And on the same day as the summer solstice.

Where is Saturn on the digitized view?

Josh, I loved all the stars🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

And may our World also align in conjunction with these two planets!!

Couldn’t agree more 🙏💕

Some great previews already this week!

Main event night was fantastic–perfectly clear SW Florida sky!

That will be a special sight – if only it weren’t so cloudy!!! For all of us in the Northern Hemisphere….every day gets a little longer Starting tomorrow!! Yay!

This really is exciting as the last such spectacle happened nearly 800 years ago. Thanks for your explanations.

Master Tracker

ah the Winter Solstice – a time for Druids to frolic at Stonehenge , sadly instead of clear frosty night and a sharp dawn , it was soggy rain.
Much rather be at Londolozi where the sky is clear, the weather warm and you can enjoy this rare event under African Sky

Thanks Josh! We will check it out tonight!

We are looking forward to see it tonight as our balcony faces south west!! Very excited to see this phenomenon !! As always thank you all for the wonderful pictures and interesting info! Hou have certainly brightened our days as we slowly get closer to the Presidential Inauguration ! Take safe and hopefully the new virus strain is not near Londolozi. Merry Christmas ! Victoria

We have a beautiful clear sky here, visiting our sons in Palma de Mallorca so am hoping we too will enjoy this special night 🙏💕

We saw it! So amazing! Thanks for the ‘heads up’!

Although we had Tule Fog this morning and evening, I barely managed to see the planets tonight, just to the right and down from the moon – not totally clear but there nevertheless! Happy viewing to you!!

👌 My favorite ! Listen to nature , and just looking at the stars , while the smell of a hardekool fire fills the air !!

hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing

we were able to see this from our balcony which faces south west!! it was incredible!! Victoria

It was incredible to view here in the northern hemisphere!! Thanks for posting your view of it!

My favorite picture 👌 You are very fortunate to LIVE in nature 😉

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