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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #36

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Thank you James for my weekly dose of Londolozi. I just love dung beetles, they are such industrious little creatures.

James, keep them coming🤗

Hello! Gorgeous leopards, lovely chick and what a surprise! A milliped and dung beetles! Have you ever seen wild African cats or bat eared fox?

Very interesting blog, James, thank you! Enjoyed the Dung Beetle. They always seem so determined. Enjoyed seeing the chicks in the Batis nest too. Got a brief glimpse of 2 little faces at one point. So glad you guys have had such good rains. We are just trying to get the Vaal Dam to fill up, which it has done, as it is now 36.3% and it was only 28.1% a couple of weeks ago. Poor Vereeniging has had a monstrous storm. Don’t know if you saw those pics of cars with their wheels covered with water and shops being flooded? Wendy M

Cool videos! I especially love the bird chicks and the dung beetle and of course the leopards.
One question: Isn’t dangerous to walk around relatively close to a leopard you can’t see? And who can see you?

Really like the focus on all the creatures and fantastic to see how the return of water encourages life.

Finally I was able to see the video! For whatever reason, I couldn’t open it within your blog, so went to you tube. I adore following dung beetles so enjoyed seeing this fellow actually roll his ball to its future home, and then dig the hole-amazing little creature! Any sighting of the elusive Makomsava or her cubs?

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the wonderful video.. My favorite parts were the Chin Spot Batis nest and the dung Beetle burying the dung ball. I had never see that before..

That Dung Beatle footage was so great! Fascinating insects. And thanks to James for contorting to get the Leopard footage 😊

Senior Digital Ranger

What a lovely piece from James – like everyone else, the bit on the dungbeetle was fascinating and I’d never seen the burying of the ball. So clever. Do they have a sort of sat nav inbuilt to know which direction they are going and where to find the perfect burying spot? The chinspot chicks are fabulous as well with those massive beaks flinging wide to get the grubs. Sitting here in the UK as the weather heads downwards into the cold, dark and damp of winter …. I look forward to my daily dose of Londolozi. Thanks so much.

As always just such a great variety which I’ve enjoyed revisiting this week James. On the lighter side, had to smile at the Hyena laughing away as the male moved his stolen kill..ever hopeful he might just drop it! I think the wildebeest were very relieved to see you turn up and divert the leopards attention, saving their hides and finally the dung beetle losing his footing on the final climb and having to start all over again..just love those energetic little beasties 😂🙏🏻💕

Great videos James, and you certainly went above and beyond to get some of the film!! One question though, are the batis raising their own chicks, or did another bird get an egg or two in the nest?

James, Incredible video once again! We love that we can join you on your explorations due your steady hand with your handheld camera (what do you use?). The Batis nest is just amazing and you have such a perfect view of it! Dung beetle experience was so fun too! Thanks for our weekly dose of Londolozi magic!

Thoroughly enjoy the virtual safaris. So long since I last took guests anywhere.

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