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Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on Ntsevu Lion Cub Gets Carried

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Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

Awwwh. It is such a special sighting.

Francesca Doria
Master Tracker

Hi Guy you made my day! What a wonderful experience, to follow a lioness and her small cub! She clearly trusts you. Do you know if it is a male or a female?

Cally Staniland
Master Tracker

What an afternoon treat Guy !! Such an overload of cuteness it’s hard to imagine them growing into killing machines! Just super 🙏🏻💕

Camille Koertner
Senior Digital Ranger

The Cub is so tiny!! Exciting video to see from afar!

Cyndy Beardsley
Digital Ranger

How special! Thank you

Christa Blessing
Master Tracker

Wow, Guy, what a sighting! And the little one is just soo cute. I love the video clips.

Michael and Terri Klauber
Guest contributor

Thanks Guy! What a special sighting! We loved seeing the cub chasing the mother and heard the little squeaks! Cute!

Vin Beni
Guest contributor

Incredible sighting! The cub was unfazed by the proximity of the vehicle.

Joan Schmiidt
Master Tracker

James, I loved the video🤗. Keep them coming

Joan Schmiidt
Master Tracker

Guy, I loved the video🤗

Nicole Bernhardt
Senior Digital Ranger

What a special moment

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Oh, how fortunate to see such a young cub, moving as fast as it could on those little stubby legs, only to finally give up-mom to the rescue. It’s odd she has only one little one, perhaps losing others to predators or natural causes. Doesn’t a lioness usually birth 2-3 cubs?
On another note, was this lioness part of the Mhagene pride of split-off females?
Looking forward to more photos of this cub!

Paul Canales
Master Tracker

Incredible video footage Guy!! What an amazing series of events. Thanks for capturing and sharing them with us!!

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

A just wonderful sighting! The little cub is so huggable and to see the mom pick it up and carry her is something I’ve always wanted to see. Yes, I’m jealous!

Kara Taylor
Master Tracker

How cute was that?! Amazing little bundle! Wow.

Callum Evans
Guest contributor

Amazing video!!

Linda Deutsch
Digital Ranger

Awesome shots!!!!

Barbi Evenson
Senior Digital Ranger

Couldn’t be any cuter! How fragile life can be… and then watch out! Absolutely amazing
Thank you for the great work and sharing😍

Lisa Antell
Master Tracker

Can one tiny cub stand up to all of the big subadults? Seems risky….especially on a kill……hopefully, the lioness will continue to hide the cub for a bit longer….she was hungry and needed some pride time!

Joanne Wadsworth Kelley
Master Tracker

You and the team won 3 ways that day. Seeing the cub…then witnessing the mother carry it….and finally the kill. I too am amazed that at 6 weeks the cub wasn’t totally frightened by the rovers closeness. Also striking was following the mother carrying her cub into the brush. She allowed the rover to be that close! Were she alone I could see how she would allow you tracking so closely …. but with her small cub? I fully expected her to unmouth the cub, turn to you and give a loud back-off snarl!! She truly trusts you.

Dianne Martin
Digital Ranger

How fabulous..what an amazing sighting!!

Suzanne Gibson
Guest contributor

How lucky you were, Guy! All I can say is …..aaaaah

Wendy Macnicol
Digital Tracker

That is truly a lovely blog, Guy! Thanks so much. Little lions are such cuties! Wendy M

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