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Interesting. Is the Othawa male part of a coalition or is he single?

Hi Marinda, he’s single.

Hi James! Is the Othawa male a single lion or is there a relative male to team up with? That would certainly change the dynamics. … How old are the Birmingham males? And Othawa? They surely can guess there’s a powerful intruder not an adolescent or an old one…

Nguvu (othawa) does not have a coalition. I believe that birmingham males are 10 to 11 years old, and Nguvu is 5 or 6 years old.

The Othawa make is by himself. He is currently in his prime while the remaining 2 Birminghams (there were originally 6 brothers but 4 have since passed away). are quite old,

Hi Francesca, the Othawa male is a solo roller and the Birmingham males are around 11 years old I believe. He’s coming into his prime while they are ageing. It’s about to get interesting.
And this morning we had two unknown males in central Londolozi, possibly two of the N’waswishaka males or maybe the Mhangeni and Styx males.

Thank you James and everybody for your detailed answers and update!

I saw on a channel on you tube that they were the avocas of the south. Is this information James?

James, I loved all the photos, and I saved Birgmingham Male🤗

Your hypotheses have the makings of a great short story–maybe a soap opera!

On pins and needles awaiting your next update!

James, Sounds like things might be heating up again!

Senior Digital Ranger

This is a tricky one… stay tuned!

Interesting that the Birmingham didn’t confront him. Which of the 2 Birminghams roared against him, the bigger or smaller of the 2? And do you think they eventually chased him off or at least tried to confront him after reuniting. Also haven’t the Birminghams chased this male countless times.

Senior Digital Ranger

You may have answered this before James, but concerning the Male lions progeny lines…do the Birmingham Males operating together mate with the same lionesses as its brother? It seems like once the mating begins the mating pair stays together for several days so is there any rivalry between brother?

Ah the Lion politics are going to get interesting soon!

keep us up to date James, the male othawa is big, but if he fights two at once he won’t be able to take it, he will have to back down. The males from birmingham are giants, I hope they will not meet, because it will be an unequal fight against the lonely male othawa.

Master Tracker

Fascinating, the Othawa male must be vulnerable as a single lion to any coalition

Interesting what is going to happen in the future with these lions. Whether the big pride will split up or not?

The Othawa male is by himself. He is currently in his prime while the remaining 2 Birminghams (there were originally 6 brothers but 4 have since passed away). are quite old,


Isn’t the Othawa male a member of the Mhagene pride or at least has fathered cubs? Perhaps he’s spreading himself a bit thin, moving in to assert his prowess in another territory.

Many thanks James, for this update in these pride dynamics!….Prince Othawa needs to tread lightly crossing into the Birmingham males’ territory particularly as they have cubs to protect….he could end up becoming cornered by them so hope he goes back to his own pride… he’s got cubs to protect as well….Wow…..don’t want any of these beautiful “boys” to end up injured or worse, but it’s a pretty unrealistic “notion” in a lion’s world, that’s for sure!…..hoping for the best…. definitely looking forward to the next update….

Intriguing developments here. Certainly will be discussed and debated at great length over the table at Londolozi ! Looking forward to hearing where the Ntsevu pride move on from here🙏💕

Lion soap operas! love them. Lion politics is always interesting. Victoria

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