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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #30

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Great videos this week. Loved the giraffe.

Excellent week! Those tiny Giraffe calves running along just made my day! Today we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving and I am so grateful that you share the reserve with us everyday, and are there as protectors of the natural world.

Another GREAT video guys…..beautiful Giraffe footage!! Thank you for continuing to keep us connected.
Cant wait to get back on Londolozi again!

James, I loved the video🤗

Thanks Joan!

Great videos! I love the cute young giraffes and of course all those leopards.

Senior Digital Ranger

Absolutely brilliant Sunday viewing. Edge of seat stuff and so many interesting facts about such a large variety of animals and birds, plus the monitor’s tail. Love it – thank you so much to you all. Pity about the new shoe!

Hahaha the mud will come out in the wash!

Thank you again for another Sunday treat. Lovely to see the Plaque Rock female looking so well, she is one of my favourites – I see her every single day at home, as I have a large canvas from your studio in my front room from a picture I took 2 years ago of her as a cub with her mother Nkoveni on the airstrip.

AH lovely! She’s doing well Sue, although we don’t see her as often as we’d like!

James. Another wonderful virtual safari. They are the next best thing to actually being there. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Andy!


A bumper week with the leopards mixed with some super interesting titbits! Great find Guy..sorry about your new shoes. At least your not alone – rewind – (James up to his knees in mud., other James losing a shoe to the hyena) 😂.
Still makes me chuckle 😂. Lovely viewing thanks James

James and team, We loved the encounter with the Giraffe and remember learning the “low angle” shot with you on the airstrip! All-in-all, another great series of video!! Thank you!

Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee and viewing your virtual safaris is the next best thing to being there-just missing the Amarula! All interesting but good to see “ the 3 musketeers tracking the lions on foot”. Hope Guy’s shoe cleaned up back to reasonable normal. 🤞

Digital Tracker

Another great video this week, thanks!

That was great! I felt as though I was there again. Love these videos.

Wonderful, joyful giraffe calf run! Loved the full leopard lazing in the gardenia tree.

Awesome videos! Can you tell us what it is about the big cats (and probably others that I’m not immediately recalling) that indicates getting ready to move after a yawn? Is it akin to humans stretching upon awakening?

Kind of the same thing Paul…

Thanks James!

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