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Amanda is the Londolozi Marketing Manager & has been in the marketing, advertising & creative industry for 15 years & the health and wellness industry for 9 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Journalism from The University of Cape Town ...

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on Living Heritage

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The best skills & lessons in life are better shared outside of classrooms. #not all classrooms have 4 walls is fully exhibited above.

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Cultural appreciation personified.To a large extent we have inherited vital cultural and historical values from generation to generation.

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The smile and Sun both exhibit or must l say embody the true values of ubuntu.. Togetherness syncs well with the various symbiotic relationships on display in the wilderness.

Dear Ladies you could create a new brand and maybe share profit with poor people (like school for children ) and nature conservation. .. just an idea. I’d love to purchase it!

Lovely blog Amanda. It is all so true. Proud to be a South African and of our heritage.

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Salut the Unity exhibited by the 🌈 rainbow Nation.very inspiring

Such a beautiful message. Thank you.

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A thoughtful and lovely piece Amanda for this Heritage Day (and my birthday). Thank you.

Happy birthday Linda!

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Happy birthday 🎂 Linda.

Amanda, I loved all the photos, I saved the one of the five girls🤗

Lovely article on heritage and how important it is to know about one’s own heritage and cherish it.

Inspiring thoughts, Amanda. And I couldn’t help but think about how much cultural tradition, heritage, is passed on by women. Women sharing the old stories, the ways of the past to sisters and new generations. Inspiring!

Lovely Amanda …thank you 🙏🏻💕

Powerful words at a time when these values must be respected, preserved and cherished.

Beautiful ❤️🙏🏼❤️

Beautifully expressed in your words, the Ubuntu of life truly exists within Londolozi. Teaching, learning, sharing, understanding, caring, and loving are essential for all of us to exist together without strife. May your heritage day celebration inspire people beyond your border to live up to the meaning of Ubuntu.

Wonderful. ingenious way to celebrate and acknowledge heritage. Love the individuality as well as all the smiling faces!

Senior Digital Ranger

Very special! A super blog.

How lovely of you to share these lovely photos along with the history behind all those beautiful faces. Most informative and appreciated. We all must never stop learning. Sent with love;

Happy Heritage Day to all of you at Londolozi!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful cultural heritage appreciation & lovely photographs.

Oh Amanda.. what a beautifully written post.. may I please (tagging Londolozi) repost on my instagram.. I am an ex S African living in Sydney.. .thanks a million in advance.. x j

Yes of course, that would be wonderful!

What a beautiful story! Thank you.

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The smile accompanying the creativity sums up the oneness which embodies the cultural heritage.

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may the spirit of ubuntu exhibited by Team Londolozi spread its wings across borders.you really are a success story of african wilderness lands

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Londolozi has exceptional marketing dpmnt which over the past 6months has extensively enlightened & taught wide ranging valuable topics which are nature related + socially relevant .career wise we have witnessed all key departments in safari world ie cullinary,photography all giving top notch world class presentations. thank you so much for empowering us

Such a lovely piece of writing! Thank you for sharing Amanda. Just gorgeous photos too💕

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