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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #26

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Incredible videos this week. Amazing video at eye level at the waterhole.

Hi James thank you for the weekly video. Loved the elephant closeup and the menacing hippo; also birds are very striking and the Senegal Bush male and Mashaba female mating again… perhaps this time she will be successful also if he doesn’tmove the cub around any more….

James, loved the video, I look forward to it today🤗

Great variety here! Loved the elephant closeups. So big, yet so graceful.

Why the “fake” moustache comment about Sean?

Fantastic! What a week for video, especially your up close and personal time with the young bull elephant. Kudos to all the team for bringing us into the Bush with you. 👍🎥

I loved the peacefulness of sitting with the Elephant, listening to him browsing. I can picture myself there just sitting quietly. The double Leopards sighting was also very interesting, shame she probably lost her cub.

another awesome video. loved the close up of the elephants and the birds as well as the explanation on the honey badger. The Leopards of course are always just stunning.

Senior Digital Ranger

As always, thanks a million.

Digital Ranger

Hola James, As always the Sunday blog is a total treat for us Londo-deprived guests!
I really appreciated your message on September 10 about winter, guests, etc. My friend Sue and I always feel like we leave part of our hearts there when we leave. I hope you open the email I asked Emma to forward to you. It will be a surprise! Andee Burrell

Great highlights!

What a wonderful week and such amazing video clips. Of all the African animals I think elephants are the most amazing and surprising creatures. How diligently the male steps over that tree trunk and takes up the little berries.
I also like the birds seen from eye level and of course the solution of the mystery of the honey badger is great. And “for dessert” the leopards and hyenas. Just fantastic!

A wonderful mixture of bird and game this week guys. Watching each drive again is just super. Your excitement and love for whatever you see spills out over the ‘airwaves’..very catching. 💕🙏

James and team! You never cease to surprise and amaze us with your brilliant storytelling and magnificent videos! Well done!

Senior Digital Ranger

virtual safari to a large extent solves puzzles and mysteries seamlessly by virtue of nature undoubtedly being the best teacher.

Senior Digital Ranger

salut team londolozi for awesome informative posts & visuals. personally am more in love with conservation and nature thanks to the immense awareness gained here on the platform

Digital Tracker

Awesome video this week James! Love the footage of the leopards, and love the little water birds too. The elephant was amazing, so close to you and yet so content. Very interesting about the badger too, the mystery is solved! Just beautiful. Thanks 👍🏼

I was lucky in 2019 to have a big bull next to landy as you said what a special time to be invited to his space,goose pimple time.

So sad that the Mashaba Leopard cub is perhaps no longer with us! Wonderful sighting of Guy!! Also some Leopards and lots of Hyenas and many lovely birds too! Thank you, James! Wendy M

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome visuals.l personally have blossomed more with each new post and the information gained is so powerful and good for the conservationists

Jamo, fabulous low level videos at the watering hole~!!!! Wish we guests could get out of the land rover and down low for shots like that!!! Sorry about the Mashaba females last cub. She has had the worst luck since her first successful litter!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for these weekly videos, they bring me an enormous amount of joy.

James, you are a funny guy!

Senior Digital Ranger

waterhole video is jes awesome & a true embodiment of Wild Africa.

Senior Digital Ranger

Senegal bush male & mashaba female seem to be etching a beautiful love story that most certainly will be a catalyst to leopard specie sustainability. offspring a definite result from this fairytale symbiosis

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful insight into birds.very enlightening indeed.each passing day we being empowered knowledge wise on the platform.most appreciated

Great week of videos. So diverse! I especially love when you all follow up on a previous post, in this case, the honey badger!!

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