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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #18

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Incredible videos and experiences this week. Fantastic footage of the fighting leopards. The serval was an amazing sighting. The best is the honeybadger rescue. Fantastic.

Wow, what an incredible Week in Video – really had everything! Fantastic serval sighting, and as for the honey badger! – well done guys, that will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience. Can I ask a favour? – could you say hi to Alfie and Terrence for me. Guess they’ve both been at home since lockdown started, but you probably keep in touch. Hope they’re well and to see them in February.

Another amazing compilation. Loved the story on the Honey Badger. Seeing the 2 leopards in the tree was truly stunning

Wonderful, especially the rescue of the Honey Badger.

What amazing encounters with beautiful creatures, big and small. Thank you so much – almost feels like we are there with you in the most beautiful place on earth! Loved the plight of the honey badger, seems it was his lucky day.

Thank you for providing wonderful animal sight as usual and for saving the honey badger and sharing this positive feeling. It is not that usual to see people intervening when animals are in need. I particularly liked this along with the serval sight- small cats are often forgotten but there are very interesting species and disappearing . On the other hand elephant sight was majestic and so the predators’ especially leopards. I feel for the prey animals that are just hanging dead in pieces or only blood spots of them remain but so life goes…

What can one even say about the Honey Badger footage. I’m so glad that Pete and Sean freed it. That was no small task and brave as anything I’ve seen! Just to see it so angry at first and then just resigned and taking a drink. WOW! Well done!!!

Master Tracker

That is one of the maddest things I have ever seen .

Master Tracker

But very well done

Master Tracker

Wot, no caracal?

Next week Ian, next week…

Master Tracker

I will hold you to that, the Southern Grasslands perhaps?

What a fantastic result for the honey badger!…and what a relief and joy too, to be instrumental in saving the precious life of such an amazing iconic brave animal..good on you guys…. truly wonderful….

Another Epic video…Gentlemen!! Wild dogs, Ellies, Ntsevu pride, Serval and the best ….honey badger rescue! Wow
Pete and Sean….you brought tears to me eyes with the thoughtful effort and care with which you no doubt saved that little guy! Thank you for continuing to give those of us in the “outside world” some joy every day in the midst of a terrible pandemic!

Thank you so much James Tyrell, really interesting

It’s good the honey badger was free

Senior Digital Ranger

Best video so far! Thank you for that rescue! Wow, so sweet! Yes, without a doubt the Honey Badger was grateful. Animals feel and express gratitude often where humans forget…a lot! You are the men! So cool!

Senior Digital Ranger

That whole video was absolutely awesome awesome awesome, wow how amazing to see all that! I am sure you guys are loving being in this wonderful reserve for your lockdown! Thank you all. The elephant with the tusk facing backwards, looks like Fang that has been seen on Duma quite often, but not much lately 🙂 One question, why does Londolozi not have infrared cameras?

Another very special game drive. Loved the honey badger footage. 😊

Wow! One of the best videos yet! First of all, the subject matters were great! Second, your enthusiasm is wonderful, and third, you offer so much interesting information. Thanks so much for sharing.

I’ve watched this 4 or 5 times now and you two are my heros!! The leopards were great and getting stuck was funny, but helping the honey badger is one of the best things I’ve ever seen! Bravo you guys! This is FANTSTIC!!!

Looks like a lot of fun guys! Leopards were very cool to watch and saving the Honey Badger, bravo!

Senior Digital Ranger

Well James! You rambunctious devil! It looks like your morning of Sand River mud bogging took you for a gulp huh? (smile) Your week in video as usual, is spectacular! Seeing the elephants stand upon their territory was a powerful moment! Best of all though, watching the rarity of a Honey Badger drink water was precious, despite its fierceness. The heart and passion all you rangers have is heart rendering.

Enjoyed seeing the segments again, save for your getting stuck again- oh that pink bag is becoming quite attached to you…. I’m looking forward to seeing the next one.

Well, that was an exciting virtual safari. Thanks guys for rescuing the honey badger. Poor soul. It was grateful to you both I am sure. Great experience. Thanks for sharing with us. Be well and stay safe all of you.

Love the videos…………… this one is brilliant again! Thanks for rescuing the honey badger, well done!

Senior Digital Ranger

Highlights for me were the serval sighting and the honey badger rescue, thanks for another great week guys

Just super to re watch these videos…what a week !!! Your excitement and enthusiasm is catching James… certainly makes one feel your in the landi with you through all the action. I think the pink purse suits you, as each time you seem to have a bumper day of sightings 😂. Incredible leopard display..Serval up there now with the 3 eared family ..WOW! Huge cheers to Pete and Sean for taking the decision to save the Badger, you certainly get the badge (excuse the pun) for bravery and compassion. A remarkable week 🙏🏻💕

Wow, these were really the ultimate game drives you had last week! A serval and that honey badger – so exciting! That you rescued the little guy is really fantastic!
And, of course, two leopards in a tree fighting over a kill and those hyenas below them, plus the lions and the elephants . What amazing experiences! I wish I could have witnessed all of it live myself…

This is exactly why safaris are so addictive: there is always something new to see and experience and you want to have more and more of it.

James, I loved the video🤗, there was a honey badger in there.

Great video and fantastic job rescuing the honey badger. So glad you decided to intervene. So many animals have been killed and maimed by the horrific acts of poachers, hunters, farmers and cattle herders I feel it is the duty of those that that have the ability to help in instances like this. Moreover it was the right thing to do. Awesome job. That badger very likely would have died a slow and painful death without the intervention.

And the guys just keep
On pouring in! Great montage James!

James, I loved the video, there was even honey badger in there🤗

Truly incredible videos this week!

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