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on Why are Aardvarks so Rare to See?

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Senior Digital Ranger

we still have to see one after 26 safari !

Hi Dina, I am also yet to see one, so fingers crossed for us both to see one soon

Such an interesting intriguing animal. It would be very nice to see one or even better a family

They are fascinating animals, and so seeing one would be truly amazing. They mostly move around by themselves but seeing a mother and her youngster would be special.

i have heard of aardvarks but never seen one live. Even a zoo they are mostly asleep and hiding. Cery interesting! Thankyou for the great pictures and the headline with the wild dog puppies. Glad they are all well for the moment. Victoria

Hi Victoria, Yes they most likely will only move around at night, even in a zoo. It is such a relief out the wild dog puppies, and we hope they continue to do well.

Sean, what a wonderful blog, I haven’t seen Aardvark in Londolozi🤗

Thank you Joan, I hope you get to see one soon.

Hey Sean! After we left you last July, we went to Tswalu Kalahari where we saw several aardvark, They were every skittish, exactly as you described. Be well!

Hi Vinny, I hope you are keeping well. That is amazing that you got to see a few aardvarks. The Kalahari is known to have higher numbers of aardvarks and the terrain is better suited to viewing them there. Keep well and hopefully see you soon.

Very useful information Sean, thank you.

You are most welcome Eugene.

Right up there with a pangolin…!

Yes indeed right up there with a pangolin, although we at least have seen pangolins around here.

An Aardvark is something I would love to see. They’re just so unusual. I always hope on the way back from night drives we might be lucky. I can’t believe no one there has seen one!! Wow – that’s it – time to start night time Aardvark walks, LOL.

Aardvarks are really unusual animals. It would be so amazing to see one on the way home at the end of an afternoon drive.

It is amazing how animals over long periods of time adapt to their surroundings.

Most of the animals have all adapted to perfectly suit their surrounding and each have a role to play out here.

Senior Digital Ranger

All I can say is that our creator had an Incredible imagination beyond all others and a purpose for us all… how lucky we are to see such a unique creature!

Yes indeed, an imagination that baffles us all.

Aardvarks, rather like the pangolin- so elusive one barely believes they really exist. I appreciate the details you provided related to their physical characteristics and habits. Perhaps one day you’ll see one- put it on your bucket list!

Thanks Denise, I am sure with enough time being spent out here I will eventually get to see one.

Seeing an Aardvark is definetely on my bucket list. Interesting blog Sean.

Thanks Marinda

Hi Sean. We used to often go to Mabula Game Lodge in the Waterberg as we had timeshare there. We saw Aardvark twice. The first time was actually around 4h30 in the afternoon. He was snuffling around and took no notice of the Landrover at all. We watched him for about 15 – 20 mins. Most interesting! Reminds me of Piglet in the stories of Christopher Robin. Thanks so much for the article and pics! Wendy M

Hi Wendy, that is amazing that you got to see one and it was so relaxed. I guess it had probably been exposed to vehicles more often or was a bit more comfortable to be out in the open during the day. They definitely do have a slight resemblance of Piglet.

Great article on Aardvarks. Maybe one day…. Good luck

Thanks Christa, maybe one day if I am lucky.

Saw one at night very briefly in Botswana in July 2019. Better yet, saw 2 from a distance in early evening (daylight) in Namibia in Aug 2019. They definitely are easier to find in the desert during daylight hours in the winter! WildEarth has had several sightings recently on their live drives at Tswalu in the Kalahari!

Hi Lisa, yes the desert terrain makes spotting them slightly easier. On top of that, temperatures get so cold for them at night there that often they will move around closer to sunset and in the first few hours of the night then crawl down into the warmth of a burrow before it gets too cold in the early hours of the morning.

Well written story. What’s going on with the puppies? How many survived? I saw some mention of a blog telling about them all. When will that come out?

Thanks Patrick. We had released a story with an update on the pups but are sure to put out a blog on giving some more detail very soon.

Sean, What a great post. You are right! They are hard to find (alive at least!) A few years ago we sighted one on a tree like at Londolozi that with James T. Same ending for the one we saw that day…. Hope you are well and enjoying the freedom to explore!

Hi Michael and Terri. They are very difficult to see. I am very well thank you. It is truly special to still be here but is definitely keeping us very busy. I hope you are keeping well and healthy.

Fascinating information! It’s great to have a “holy grail” type of sighting to look for and forward to!!

Hi Paul, It is those “holy grail” sighting that keeps most guides going for such long periods.


One of the very interesting beauties I hope to see soon!

Still have not seen one, that’s why I must keep going on safari! : )

Senior Digital Ranger

ardvark are ecologically relevant in that they are Keystone species who by their normal way of life create opportunity/shelter or increase resource partition for other species.

Senior Digital Ranger

Aardvark eyes play important adaptation role.Excellent analysis of the eyes role.

Senior Digital Ranger

Aardvark nocturnal activity cycle is this perhaps an adaptation to enhance survival and dietary preference.They seemingly have been specially configured to be brilliant earth engineers per say.

Senior Digital Ranger

Aardvark dentition is another intresting area as well.Their digestive system set up too.These shy evasive members of society seemingly have perfected the art of invisibility.

Senior Digital Ranger

Its thanks to such shy , evasive species that give the African wilderness a reason to be visited over & ever again.

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