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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #14

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A sad week for the wild dogs. Great to see the cheetahs doing well.

Marinda, they found wild dogs – 9 of them still are alive, one killed by lioness

Thanks for another great video, the Cheetahs were amazing to watch.

What a pity about the baby wild dogs, however, there are still three there and if they make it to adulthood, the pack has more than doubled, so that should be ok. Lovely cheetahs……………. I didn’t even miss leopards!
Thanks again, love the videos.

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW! What an amazing week! All of the new life… The footage of the cheetah and her cubs, the baby giraffe’s… and the sad… the loss of the wild dog pups…My heart was broken… but happy to see how well the remaining 3 are doing. And how fast they are growing! To know the Water Buffalo herd has recovered is also good news… with all the week has brought it is still one of the most amazing places on earth… Thank you for bundling up and sharing…

A really nice video James. Nice to see the beefalo herd has increased. Have to feel sorry for them as they are the preferred prey for lions. Very sad about the wild dog pups, but at least three survived and hopefully will make it to adulthood. What a beautiful visit with the cheetahs – they obviously feel more comfortable with the vehicle now. Thank you so much for sharing with us – really enjoyable and peaceful. Be well and stay safe all of you.

Digital Ranger

So sad. I have followed them since birth….

Fantastic. Cheetah are so discrete they don’t gain enough international attention. I hope they will gain popularity and will be supported as wild dogs are. Otherwise it will be too late… their illegal trade is not well known yet. Great images

Wonderful on one hand side and very sad on the other, the stories behind your video. Thanks for them.

So very sad to hear about the puppies! I knew immediately the bad news had to be the dogs! I am relieved 3 pups are still alive, but hate to think what happened to the others! 😢😢😢 Loved the cheetah cubs! My camera trigger finger became itchy watching them! Thank you for another well done video!

Incredible filming this week. I’ve enjoyed following on social media, but the entirety of the week in one viewing is nearly overwhelming! Loved seeing the ostriches, lions and buffalo, but the report on the wild dog pups was heartbreaking. Been following since the beginning of the pack, and sorry to hear the sad fate of the 7 who went missing. On the bright side, the cheetah footage was brilliant. They are such elegant animals, and completely mesmerizing! Even just stretching and walking around. The exude potential kinetic energy waiting to explode!!

This video was insanely amazing- all the Buffalo, lions, ostriches, mud- encased human, and then the cheetah family! Your images of the three of them were so special, an unforgettable moment for all of you.
There’s always ying /yang in life and the wild dog story is a good example. I’m rooting for the final three and perhaps they have a better chance now that the parents have fewer mouths to feed.

Wonderful, as always, to relive the week again on the blog. Still trying to get my head around the loss of the 7 pups but I suppose this is what nature intended and cross fingers the 3 continue to do well….the rest of the weeks videos were spectacular..helped to easy the sadness. Thanks James..again !

James, loved this video

James, I know that there still wild dogs 9 of them, one was killed by lioness, great hear there are still 9

James, Cheetah and cubs – how beautiful! Thanks so much as we know how rare that is! Videos rock!

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