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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Male/Female Impala

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I remember James Souchon’s post. There was also a female lion with mane in Botswana a few years ago.

This is so interesting and unusual. I have seen the clip of a female Lion with a mane in Botswana, I guess anything is possible in the wild. Stay strong and live long beautiful girl. ♥️

nice work

Master Tracker

What an unusual post -well done. People tend to overlook impalas but they are such graceful creatures

Nature and its twists always amaze. Thanks, James.

In January 2019, Jerry Hambana raised his hand, and Grant stopped as Jerry pointed out the female impala with horns. We had been riding by a herd of impala, and somehow Jerry saw this one stand out. I have a photo that looks very much like the one on your blog.

HI Pete,
It may very well be the same female. After chatting to a few of the other rangers last night it seems that a number of them have seen her around. I must have just been overlooking her all this time. Whoops!

Senior Digital Ranger

I think it’s the same impal from 2018. If you look closely at the images from both articles, you’ll notice the same ending of the left horn. Maybe if you have a picture of her right profile… we could compare facial features (from 2018 is the right side profile). How long have the Impales been alive? And do you know of any of them who died of old age and not from predators? Best regards

She’s a beautiful animal, despite being an oddity. Thanks for the story, James.

Are you still traveling to Londolozi in April?

Can’t go in April now. We’re under a shelter-in-place order til April 7th! We’re rescheduling, though !

I’m fascinated to find that other animals than humans sometimes have offspring that are bi sexual. We see and hear about many children in the US that are born one sex but have both genes. I wouldn’t think there were many animals like this, but it is interesting. Victoria

Absolutely incredible! A few questions for you James, if it is alright. What makes them infertile? Is it the gene that causes the horn growth, or something else? Also, if it is indeed the same ewe that James had in 2018, I would assume we could expect her horns to grow at the same rate and development that rams’ horns do? Such an amazing spectacle of nature!

Hi Michael,
I’m no geneticist, but I’ll do some research and try get back to you…

Hello James,
Is she alwayes seen alone? Or is she with some other impalas? Does the females, males accept her? I hope it has only made her stronger!

Hi Ann,
She was in a big herd of other females and a couple of males…

James, what a find – a female with horns🤗

Love this story James.. thanks

To have lasted this long in the bush is amazing given how many predators there are out that at Londolozi!

Dear James. How very interesting! If I had seen her, I would have thought “male” of course – certainly from a distance. Thank you, James.

Nature and its animal inhabitants are not only beautiful, but fascinating. Just when you think you know rams from ewes, lions from lionesses…. an anomaly will be sighted. On Safari in Botswana several years ago , I viewed and photographed the famous Martina – the female lion with a mane. She was part of a pride, but never gave birth…… it’s always fascinating to see something new and continue to learn.

James, that was such a fascinating article and then I watched WE and Lauren was mentioning your post on live drive , so we all learnt about this amazing impala .
Hopefully you will have more sightings and we can keep updated about her welfare.

Are the daughters of Mapogo still alive?

Yes. They are the adult lionesses in the Mhangeni pride.
I think there might be one or two more out there as well, in different prides.

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