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on What Bird is This? #22

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Red or white billed buffalo weaver?

Or thick billed weaver?

James, could it be Grosbeak Weaver?

Cape Glossy Starling is what I think the bird is

Very long toes. Juv black crake or similar water bird?

Nailed it…

Senior Digital Ranger

Yeah my initial reaction was an African jacana. But they build nests on the ground. Crake it is?!

Senior Digital Ranger

Besides the long toes, those also appear to be mangroves …

Discovered this blog today, and as I’m new to bird identification, I really like the idea of challenge photos. Not sure if you are wanting guesses shared in comments, but here is mine:
White-Faced Duck, judging by relative size, shape, legs, feet, wings, and face visible. Also, proximity to a weaver’s nest, usually near bodies of water. I have seen many Egyptian Geese in tree branches near the Djuma dam cam, so it makes sens to me a Duck would do the same. This one looks like it’s grooming itself.

Hi Ruth,
The weaver’s nest is a big clue as to the habitat and you’re spot on in that it’s a water bird…
Unfortunately it’s not a white-faced duck though…

I see now where I went wrong. Size! I was thinking about the weaver’s nest and those feet, but not really thinking about how small that meant this bird is.

Those toes! Black crake? Looks like a youngster.


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