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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on What You Should Know About Lions

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Absolutely beautiful photos really miss the Majingilane Male’s an amazing coalition.

I think we all miss them Brian!

We visited in aug.2018 to a place next to you and the bush touched my soul. Your pictures and stories help feed this love of African animals while I observe from far, far away. Thank you!

Master Tracker

James has hit the nail on the head in they go from boring to sleeping to boring to sleeping to boring to sleeping to boring to sleeping to doing something very interesting

Oh and for first time travellers there is the story (which may or may not be true) of the Korean tourists who wanted a selfie with the lions, it didn’t end well

James, I knew lions slept a lot – but the footage that you caught, pics! That must have been exciting to see the lions walking by your Land Rover, 23 strong!

Senior Digital Ranger

I’ll piggy back a little on James’ latest take. If you happen to come across a lone lion sleeping near sunset, you might want to stick-around. Often at sunset, the lone sleeping lion wakes up and roars communication to members of it’s pride/coalition with relatively high probability. Have personally made the mistake of leaving the boring (for lack of a better adjective) sleeping lion sighting only to learn back at camp from those that stuck-around that they witnessed the lion’s awakening and felt it’s roar from only meters away. But if it’s late morning or early afternoon……yeah, can probably safely leave the sleeping lion sighting, maybe trying again closer to sunset.


Senior Digital Ranger

Good article and photos…thanks

I love that I’m in the background on one of these haha!

Haha nice one Liam. The one of the Ntsevu Pride drinking on the causeway?

I can do without the kill photos. I know it is what is, but I don’t get a thrill from it…nope, not at all.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh My gosh! .. “it’s like that scene from Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman gets a needle of Adrenalin or whatever it was injected into her heart. It’s excitement cranked up well over the red line!” – Now that’s an unexpected way to express seeing the lions! .. I would have never expected to see that said! What a hoot! Too funny!

From one who has the opportunity to view animals in the wild almost daily (or close to that), it’s nice to learn that your favorite animal is the lion. I can’t even begin to imagine 23 walking past your Rover and within reach!! Wonderful images as well, James.

Get the same special thrill as you James when a lion is seen. You captured something we experienced as a large (not 23) pride walked past us right after sunset. We could actually hear the sound of their footfalls. One stopped and looked directly at us–chilling!

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice story. I love lions

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