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Being surrounded by wilderness from a young age, you experience it in all of its essence. Matt was privileged enough to grow up in the Lowveld and its surroundings, sparking a great love for nature and all it has to offer, be it ...

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on Tiny Leopard Cubs

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Incredible opportunity–love the blue eyes. I always find the leopards’ eyes to be so vivid.

What a Blessing it is to be able to “work” at a job like this! Awesome sighting and photos of the cubs!

Master Tracker

That is something that after 20 safaris I have yet to see, wonderful sighting, super photos. Let’s hope they reach maturity

Matt, I loved the pictures of cubs🤗

Marvelous captures of these two little beauties. Hoping to see them when we arrive in May – so exciting!

What a fabulous morning and what great pictures you got. How exciting to have new leopard cubs!! Thanks for the photos!! Victoria

What an amazing sight! I personally think there’s nothing cuter than young leopard cubs. You’re right – oh, those blue eyes!

Senior Digital Ranger

Sooo Sweet!

Oh, my, what BEAUTIFUL photos! And what a golden opportunity! I am SO envious! Thank you for sharing, Matt!

how special!

Senior Digital Ranger

The pictures of the cubs are incredible! Well done!

Absolutely amazing!!!

Absolutely fabulous sighting and photos of these precious little ones. I’m hoping they will still be around in six weeks…. word from Singita this morning is Nhlanguleni and her cubs were spotted there in a rocky outcrop and Ross was able to post a few photos of mum and her cubs. How special this was for you, your team and guest. Thank you for the fabulous news!

Hi Denise,
Yes we tracked her with Ross to a spot just upstream from the Singita/Londoz boundary last week. I believe she had moved the cubs back onto the Londolozi side as of a couple of days ago.
Best regards,

What a lovely experience for you Matt. The pics of these precious angels are fantastic. A really nice blog and thank you for sharing with us. Hope you get to see them again.

Very special indeed!! Great pics.

Thanks Al, good to hear from you! Hope to see you back here soon!

What a special sighting Matt! How lucky! Is the Flat Rock Male suspected to be the father of this litter as well?

Gorgeous photos, Matt. You really have found your ultimate job in the studio! Look forward to seeing you again in November.

What a awesome experience! Your images are superb and those sweet cubs steals our hearts. I hope they reach maturity and that staff and guests alike have many opportunities to watch them grow.

Digital Ranger

Photos of the little one are always precious, you never know will you see it again or not ! In wild , Hyenas are one the biggest threat for all the big cat cubs…Wish we could save all of them, but just a wish……Thanks for the great photos.

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