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Having originally come as a guest at the ages of 6-9 I have spent the last 10 years trying to get back to Londolozi. I have now returned and work here as a part time intern and learning the keys to running such ...

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on Tomorrow or Ten Years: the Londolozi Feeling Remains the Same

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Lovely blog Nico. The best things in life are memories of wonderful experiences. It does stay with you forever.

Master Tracker

I hope that you have a good learning experience, my view of Londolozi was as a guest that it reminded me of a swan, graceful on the surface with everybody paddling like mad underneath. Welcome to the paddling bit.

Nico, how fortunate you were to have an internship at a place that gave you so many memories, and now you have added new ones to your mind bank. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and good luck in your continued education/ future endeavors.

Ahhh Nico, what an experience that must have been for you, all the feelings and memories rushing back into you. I got goose bumps and chocked up reading your blog. I haven’t been to Africa yet, and hope to, it is my dream to come there. I know that it is an experience like no other and I long for those feelings and memories that you have and many more. Thanks for sharing your story.

Nico, wonderful blog! I have been to Londolozi 4 times, and will return in 2020 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary

You captured my experience. Left South Africa in 1981 having visited Londolozi while we lived in SA for four years. I didn’t return until 2010 and I was once again home. Londolozi truly is my home away from home.

Nico, what a true blessing …. being able to return to a place that has held your heart for so many years. And now, as an adult, you’ve learned those imprints are still there and as clear and definable as ever. So few have that opportunity ….. I’m glad you were one of those. May you have further opportunities as your life unfolds. Thanks for sharing.

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