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Michael found his first Londolozi track as a sophomore in college when he picked up Boyd Varty’s Cathedral of the Wild. In it, Michael saw a place that embodied his childhood fascination with the culture and warmth of Africa and knew he had ...

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on In Search of Authenticity: Zen and the Art of Game Driving

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Lovevthis blog Michael. It is all so true. To me Safari is adventure. Learning something new, experiencing something different. Something out of your comfort zone. I’ve read a quote the other day: travel, before it is to late.

Master Tracker

Travel broadens the mind (hopefully) but empties the wallet (always)

For us, Londolozi was authenticity. We were awakened. Blessed

Michael, what a beautiful piece. Is that Elmon pictured? He was a first tracker with James Hobson when were there in 2011! James knew everything about the stars, game, and leopards. When we stopped for a sundowner, Elmon said I want you to get back in vehicle – there was leopard approaching – Elmon had one foot on the ground and the other in vehicle – the leopard stopped and sniffed him and went on his merry way!

I read your blog this morning and had to think about it. In fact I printed it, left the pages on my desk and went back to it later. Safari: a journey, truer words not written. As an adventurer, food lover, passionate about nature I’ve followed Anthony Bourdain from his first book, tv shows and ultimately sharing with countless others the profound shock and sorrow of his death. His words ring true about travel in general, but I hear them so much more clearly while spending time in Africa. Thank you for your beautiful and sensitive words.

This is beautiful and true. My four trips to Africa (3 included Londolozi) have forever changed me.

Michael, Thanks for the reminder of Anthony Bourdain – he was authentic and such a brilliant story-teller. Your reminder of the uniqueness of a game drive and the experiences we have – whether an amazing wildlife encounter or just the peacefulness of watching a Londolozi sunset, is much appreciated!

A really thoughtful and true sentiment you have expressed Michael. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. I echo your sentiments about Mother Nature.

I am so counting months until I can return to where my heart rests!

Michael, your post captured the essence of Londolozi perfectly….thank you!

Very insighful blog, Michael. The images were stunning, but the message rang completely true! Thanks!

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