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You are doing such good work.

Thanks Vin – for sharing our story! It has been a great honor to be able to celebrate Leanna’s dreams through the All Heart Fund and GWF. Being able to see the work that was begun by the Varty family and Kate Groch grow and blossom is inspiring to us all! It was extra special to have Boyd and Dave Varty participate and join us in Sarasota along with James Tyrrell for the first time (and to celebrate the release of Boyd’s new book!). Anna’s incredible Interactive Cooking Dinner at our restaurant and her authentic Bush Dinner under the lanterns and stars (and even a few raindrops!) at Selby Gardens were sensational. Kate and Fumani’s inspirational words at our events told the message of “remimaging education” in a powerful way. You and Michele are wonderful friends and amazing All Heart supporters & board members, and we look forward to our next visit with you to Londolozi and continueing our support for the Good Work Foundation!

PS It was also wonderful to meet so many passionate Londolozi guests who came to Sarasota to join us!

Vin, I love the work does with the GWF!

Bravo to all of you who have made the GWF an important part of your lives through fund raising, travel and spreading the Londolozi ethos. People like you and your Sarasota cohorts represent the good in our world…….

Master Tracker

Fantastic , that out of some very dark something good came.

Keep up the good work.

Congratulations on a remarkably successful fundraising plan. And to keep it running through the years is a tribute to the Sarasota families who believe in the Good Work going on at Londolozi! Our hats are off to all!

Vin – What a story! From South Africa to Sarasota and beyond. You and Michele and our entire Sarasota and Londolozi family surprise us, inspire us, humble us and most important, make us smile with your unwavering support and your great sense of adventure and fun.

Back in 2013, if the All Heart Fund committee had told us what we would achieve over the next six years, I’m not sure if we would have been convinced. This small group is growing and we are overwhelmed, but also ready to grow, improve, and dream big for the next six years.

All of our love to you and Michele. And a HUGE thank you to our All Heart Fund family.

We were very pleased with the outcome of this year’s events. Inspired by our attendance at the Dumphries opening, we were able to share the GWF story with our friends & neighbors.

We are very pleased to continue to support your efforts and actually have a meeting on January 5 to debrief the event and discuss the future!

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