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on The Ndlovu Youth Choir ~ Making Us Proud

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Goosebumps. It makes me so proud to be a South African.

Absolutely fantastic, the vitality and happiness of these wonderful people, the sheer joy of being together and singing their hearts out is awe inspiring. Congratulations Ndlovu choir, four yes’s, it doesn’t get better than this….. And Londolozi, you have a right to be proud.

Jemma, did they win? I watched all the videos, so inspiring!

Joan, they came second. They were very close!

Wish they could have won🤗

simply great

When the Ndlovu choir sang, we were all South African. Music can unite the world, if we let it. I can not wait to join the Londolozi women’s choir next week.

You should so proud to join the Londolozi women’s choir!
We have heard them many times!

I think this will be my 4th or 5th time! Never gets old.

Thank you for sharing something so incredibly significant and beautiful! Feeling my heart bursting with joy for the hope and love these young people bring to the world. They are delicious to watch feeling the energy of the universe!

The Londolozi Ladies Choir insisted I join them as they recognized my 70th birthday! I had a blast–and learned some new dance steps!

Londolozi is so supportive of its community. Well done. Proud to say I am a big fan. We all thank you for your philanthropy

Did they win?? They are brilliant…………………

They come second Irene, a great accomplishment!

They’re so exciting to watch! I’m so happy for them that they got to the finals!

Jemma, I read this with interest as I had no idea this young choir existed – I don’t watch reality tv shows. However, after playing the videos I realized what a fabulous group of young people these are, and I am thrilled they had this amazing opportunity, after drying my tears….. I don’t know the outcome, but whatever it was, they are winners in my book. Thanks so much for sharing.

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the videos Denise, they truly are an incredible group. They came second, a major accomplishment for them!

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What joy! What pride! What talent! Transcends and has no boundaries……

Now we need to do our part and work as hard as these young people have to make the world a better place for them – they lift us all up with their love and joy of music. Be proud Londolozi, be proud South Africa.

Jemma, thank you for sharing this blog with us all. I actually did see the shows, though I am not a big reality TV person, but happened to see the first and second acts, however missed the final one. I had tears in my eyes each time I saw them and I have to say that the gentleman who is the conductor deserves a round of applause for doing this for those young people. Out of something bad comes something good and these young South Africans will go far, it will not end after America’s Got Talent. Bravo to all of you and I pray this is just the beginning for these young people.

I watched their every performance. They were incredible. I voted for them every time on line. And yes, I also was brought to tears. I was so proud of them. Made me feel even closer to South Africa. They were beautiful representatives of your wonderful country. They made it to the top ten and they should be very proud. I hope a new door has opened to them and they change the world even more. Thank you for shining a light on them in todays blog.

Their performances always leave me speechless , they are just incredible!!!!

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