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on What Bird is This #17?

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Spectacled weaver.

Lesser Masked Weaver

Lesser Masked Weaver

African Masked Weaver, immature male? I am not a birder, so this is a wild guess.

Hi, I think it‘s a Village Weaver (female).
Best Regards

Digital Ranger

Yellow-Throated Apalis

Spectacled Weaver.

Hi James,
how about a spectacled weaver.
keep this up it is great.
Take care,

Lesser masked weaver

Female Lesser Masked Weaver?

This bird is a Lesser Masked Weaver (Ploceus intermedius). The general giss and yellow colouration gives it away as part of the weavers as well as the nest on the left hand side. Both the Southern Masked Weaver and Village Weaver are excluded as they both have red eyes. The Cape Weaver is eliminated as their whole body is yellow. The female Cape Weaver could have the correct colouration but usually has a dark eye. The uncommon pale eye variant is eliminated based on the leg colour.

Hi Declan, as you explain it, I agree with you that it must be a Lesser Masked Weaver.

Female lesser masked weaver (or pre breeding male in moult – last years nest)

Ploceus xanthops

Spectacled Weaver

Digital Ranger

My doubtful mind is saying Holub’s golden weaver..

Lesser Masked Weaver female

Finally one that I could recognize – I think A lesser masked weaver. I’ve always enjoyed seeing their nests.

Hello James!
I think the bird is the Southern or African Masked Weaver, a bird in the family Ploceidae. I think it is a juvenile male. I hope that I have given the right answer. This was a tricky one… one learns a lot! 😃

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