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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Female Leopard Hoists off Camp Deck

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Amazing sighting. You never know what you see from the deck.

Amazing sighting, James! The strength of the leopard is remarkable. Thanks for sharing!

Would have loved to have seen this during our stay at Founders 3 weeks ago!

James, Thanks for this days incredible capture. This is one of the magical moments of a visit to Londolozi

James, what a great sighting🤗. I hope we get to see a leopard up close and personal we come in Sept 2020

Master Tracker

Oh wonderful, unless you happen to be the bushbuck, in which case you may have a slightly different view of the leopard

Great storytelling – and a good example of anticipating an animal’s next likely move. And there you were, waiting for chapter 2 to unfold! Brilliant!

How exciting for all who witnessed this fascinating leopard behavior. Founders Camp is a perfect viewing spot- I watched so many animals in and around the water from the deck.

The trust level for humans by leopards in Londolozi is amazing. That, and coupled with wisdom, again shows how cunningly smart these animals are. Between monkeys stealing food and leopards choosing to be fairly close to the deck, guests are in for visual treats. Dean you are a sport and am sure you are privately still wishing you had seen the return of the female for her kill. But at Londolozi you never know what tomorrow brings! Good luck!

Sooo jealous. Please let her know I’ll be at Founders next week and would really appreciate a repeat performance!

Incredible sighting!!!!

Obviously with an “abundant” leopard population in the Reserve, we presume there is an occasional leopard sighting within camp during the quiet hours (guests on safari, meals, etc) or more likely during the night. Is there any interesting story you would like to share?

Senior Digital Ranger

James..good tight shots, even with an 800mm. Fun stuff

Thanks Jim, I was shooting with a 200-400mm, the one that comes with a 1.4 converter built-in…

Senior Digital Ranger

Thought it said “800” but that may reference shooting with the converter..I use 100-400 mostly (w 1D and 5D). Haven’ t sprung for the 1.4 converter model yet because of cost mainly. Also, I don’t take 600 often (Unless I have special assignment) because of weight and bulk thru airports and need to use mounts on top of LC’s. etc. Don’t know how you use a 600 out of the back of an open LC like you do…the one thing I use fairly often that you don’t use is a flash w extender..but your stuff is terrific. Wish we could use you and Londolozi sometime but we are so locked into TZ and the safari tracker/guide and company we have always used. Hard to switch from TZ/Mara/Ngorongoro etc. once you get started there. Next trip..all of May 2020. Keep up the good work. Your leopard stuff is great

Thanks Jim,
Maybe we can do a trip exchange sometime? I’ll leave the 600mm here for you 😉

Thanks, guys. A great story with pics to go with it! Wendy M

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