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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Lions Roaring: The Ripple Effect from Cape Town to Cairo

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Interesting James. Lions are now highly endangered and this has happened just in a few years. Imagine as you say, Africa of a century ago. Of course there were not big cities and towns and so much noise. It would have been a fantastic time to be alive and experience Afruca as it was. The most wonderful sound, a lions roar.

Master Tracker

But these days, they are in isolated pockets, the Kruger must be one of the very last strongholds. Simply because of the lack of human encroachment (say on the Serengetti/Mara) or encroachment / hunting preserves – Ruaha/Selous etc

Fascinating information and concept. Imagine if our hearing was as good as lions or other animals, what new things we would learn! I love hearing a lion roar, but I’m just hearing a part of it.

On my first visit to Londolozi the sound of the lion roaring at dusk had our vehicle vibrating, along with all of us. Something I will not forget

A much better system than a cell phone! Seriously I remember one evening during dinner a lion started roaring and as we were right above the dry wash I asked our ranger if he was coming to dinner!! Our ranger said he was probably a long way away and we were safe! It makes an impression!! Victoria

James, when we were there in 2017, we were parked (Sandros & Exon) between two pair of mating lions – then they began roaring – it was quite a magical place to be!

It is indeed an unforgettable experience being that close to them when they’re roaring!

James, love the indisputable logic! Reminds me of the Butterfly Effect in chaos theory. Never considered that roaring lions could have deeper symbolism but we very much enjoyed your logic!

Haha it’s just food for thought…

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW!~ Another wonderful blog!
So engaging and descript, as if we were sitting at the dinner table or around the campfire, as you detail your story and findings about the lions while out in the Bush.
Not only another learning moment, but a captivating photoblog that leads to the soul and appreciation for all that is shared at Londolzi .

Thanks for the kind words Jen!

Love hearing lions roar – but I think they start off sounding rather constipated …. Has anyone-else noticed this? It sort of reduces the “majestic” side for me somewhat. Wendy M

An interesting blog James. Just an aside – in my neighbourhood when the postman is delivering the mail, one dog barks and you can hear them all along the block – bush telephone – maybe it is the same with lions and they, as you say, are communicating with one another. Thanks for sharing with us

Fabulous James- I felt as if I was there listening to the various males sending their messages, the guttural roars shaking the earth and in part the vehicles transporting us. The magical moment at Londolozi was the roars of the Birmingham males….. chilling!!

Really interesting information (food for thought) and beautiful images. Thanks again Londolozi.

Senior Digital Ranger

Interesting information. I love all cats but the lion is my favorite.

It’s kind of like the lion equivalent to a phone call. I still have yet to hear lions roaring.

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