on Listening to a Contact Call at Londolozi

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Beautiful blog Tatjana. Nature does heal and it is time for all of us to look to nature in this rushed world we live in and to reconnect. Amazing experience you have had.

Master Tracker

Sounds wonderful and what I like so much about your account is that pleasure is taken in the bird sighting as much as the leopard sighting.

Sitting at JFK airport in New York, eagerly anticipating our arrival on Monday morning!

Tatjana, what a great story – especially the Healing House. I will have to try it the next time I am Londolozi (2020). We have been there 4 times now, the first in 2011. I am excited to return, it is my favorite place to visit.

Beautifully expressed!

This is a really nice blog Tatjana. The saying goes that you have to stop and smell the roses. However, in our busy day to day activities, we do not practice that. You have definitely nailed it – we need to stop, look and listen to Mother Nature. I am so glad you had this fantastic awakening at Londolozi. Thank you for sharing with us.

Londolozi truly gives each of us an opportunity to silently connect to nature, which for us is such a strong attraction that we travel back for the incredible wildlife, the Londolozi experience and the spiritual solitude of Africa.

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