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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #394

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Beautiful pics this week. Love the grasses and the birds.

Hi James, great TWIP again. Re the Nhlanguleni cubs, is there any history of a litter of 2 being raised to independence when both are female? It will be interesting to see if they’ll stay together for a while.

Hi Suzanne,
Yes it has been recorded multiple times, but not for awhile on Londolozi.
I doubt they will stay together, although as they will likely operate within their mother’s territory they will most likely bump into each other fairly regularly…

James. The email link from the email is broken. Nothing happens when you click on The Week in Pictures #349. If you click on the Read More at the end of the next paragraph, that link takes you to the July 5 blog post.

Hi Donald,
Thanks for letting us know.
We’ve been experiencing a few issues with our mail sever over the past few weeks which we’re trying to get sorted, so please bear with us for the next while.
Thanks for your patience.
Best regards,

Master Tracker

The photo of Tsalala cubs would get on my wall any day.

Thanks Ian!

It’s a wonderful assortment of photos in TWIP James – especially the beautiful Three Rivers female. Tsala’s cubs certainly bring a smile… I like that you include the more quirky shots as well, such as the Buffalo’s tongue caught in the act of exploration, perhaps?!
As an aside, is there a chart/ or a family tree of the leopards of Londolozi for us novices. I know the parents of the newly crowned Tortoise Pan male, and now who the Nhlanguleni ‘s mother is, but the others become a bit muddy. Just a thought……

Hi Denise,
There are a couple of rudimentary family trees up on leopards.londolozi.com, but we are in the process of uploading some more detailed ones. They should be up in the next couple of weeks.

Really wonderful pictures this week James. Many thanks

Extraordinary set of pictures, James! (except for you, they’re not so extraordinary as you seem to be able to score over and over again!) And people think of Starlings as ordinary birds!

James, great photos. I especially liked the one of giraffe🤗

Beautiful photos this week James.

Beautiful photos this week James!

Beautiful photos! Very interesting buffalo picture, unusual to find one without oxpeckers! 🤣

Senior Digital Ranger

beautiful pictures!

I love the hyena photo and the low angle you were able to get on the blue-eared starlings

Great collection! I loved the starlings, the dove and cub in the tree.

The shot of the Tsalala cubs is one in a million! Awesome! Congrats!

Thanks very much Brian!

Another great week of photo’s along with a few humorous ones as well! The Three Rivers female is simply beautiful, the colors of the Blue-Ear Starlings are jaw dropping and of course the affectionate Cubs needs to be hanging on my wall. Hope it warms up for you soon…..sounds nearly painful!

James, These shots are all stellar! So crisp! That 600mm lens combined with the 1-D X II is incredible! Do you have to back up sometimes to get the shot?

Cape dove photo is extraordinary…❤️❤️

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