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on Return To Nature

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This is such a lovely blog Amanda. I am a gardener. I love getting my hands dirty, digging deep into the soil. Feeling it. It puts me in touch with the earth. It is so important to let your children grow up in the garden, in nature. I feel they are more balanced if you teach them about growing plants, your own vegetables, fruit. Getting into nature for holidays. Going on hikes. Into the bush. Camping. It is good for our souls.

Thank you so much Merinda. As always, I really appreciate your comment 🙂 Gardening is one of the best ways to get back in touch with nature!

I loved reading this blog Amanda and it transported me back to my childhood and the joy my siblings and I took in being outside surrounded by nature.

I am so glad, Vanessa. Thank you so much for the comment.

Amanda, We brought our Granddaughter to Londolozi in 2017 – she loved the Cubs den (at that time she was 8 and really clicked with Yanna – she was there only for the winter). She also loved all the wild life – at one point there was wildebeest covered in vultures – she said “I wish I was one of those birds, I’d be so happy”. We were worried that she would be upset by all the blood – but alas she was not. We have been to Londolozi 4 times and plan to return in 2020.

Joan, this is such a wonderful story – thank you for sharing. I am delighted that your granddaughter found such joy and enjoyment at Londolozi. We hope that you’ll continue to visit us as a family to discover more about how and why you love nature.

Beautiful, Amanda – just beautiful! Thank you for re-centering my day.

It is a great pleasure, Henry. I am glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

Master Tracker

The Botanic Gardens at Kirstenbosch one of the things that is definitely on my bucket list, along with watching cricket at Newlands …

Master Tracker

Sorry for mentioning the cricket.

For sure, Ian! A visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is an absolute MUST if you are in Cape Town. The birds alone are something to go for, but the incredible indigenous gardens nestled into the side of Table Mountain are a bucket list item for sure! Try and catch one of the Sunday afternoon concerts, or take a picnic and find a beautiful spot to sit and be still – it will be well worth it!

Excellent blog Amanda. And a special “Bravo” to the staff of Kirstenbosch Garden for the beautiful ‘Mountains of Abundance’ display and gold metal. Given William and Catherine’s beautiful and cleverly designed ‘back to nature’ garden at this year’s HRS Chelsea Flower Show and how it so closely parallels Londolozi’s mantra, David Varty ought to extend a personal invitation to their family to come and see how cultures can commingle and benefit from each other and nature. They love Africa and seeing the place Nelson Mandela praised for its mission and success in uniting peoples and nature, it would be win-win for all. Just food for thought, but posting this blog entry on their social media page might be worth a try.

Thank you so much for your comment Bob and Lucie. We would be delighted if William and Katherine would come and visit is some day 🙂

Amanda, that was a BEAUTIFUL blog – and I particularly loved your reference to Bulbinella which we here in the Western Cape use often for just such ailments as you have described, including cold sores and gum boils. And so many people don’t know about it. To get the best leaves it is best not to let that particular plant flower as the flowering uses the healing elements from the leaves. Lovely piece of writing!

Thank you so much, Sue. My mum is definitely a self-taught natural plant medicine woman and so using these incredible gifts from nature has always been in our upbringing. Thanks for the gardening tip, I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

I’m in awe of your beautiful story and the video you selected to accompany it. Droughts and fires seem to be devastating blows to nature but as the video points out, Mother Nature’s rains bring magical results to the most parched areas.

Like you I grew up in a household that cherished the outdoors, spending many hours planting annuals, pruning and watching the bees, ladybugs and butterflies enjoy the nectar of the flowers.

In busy large suburbs, spending quiet time in our regional parks is the antidote to daily strife. Our wildlife doesn’t compare to yours, but it’s great to see the tree squirrels, peregrines, and sometimes the elusive fox.

I learned so much during my last trip to Londolozi about trees , in addition to other fauna and look forward to my second trip there next March.

Thank you so much for your comment Denise. I believe that it doesn’t matter what type of nature or wilderness you are in. What matters more is your ability to connect with it and yourself while in nature. If you are interested in trees, you should look up the concept of Tree Bathing and the healing properties of trees… a fascinating concept!

Amanda, what a wonderful story! Your words took us back to our special times at Londolozi and especially those rare times when we allow everything to stop for a few moments to appreciate the besauty around us in the bush. Can’t wait to be back and we will definitely make time to slow down long enough to see the special “garden” that is Londolozi!

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