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on Wild Dogs vs Crocodile vs Impala

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Wow! Incredible experience. Fantastic video capture.

Master Tracker

The drive of a lifetime ?

Hi Ian, it most certainly was!

James, I remember how fierce the wild dogs are. Having witnessed an impala kill and the tearing into three pieces while about 6 on each piece went to work feeding. They are amazing. What a awesome video as life takes its course. Thanks for this one. BTW please email me as to how I might share my pictures and videos with you for possible inclusion into one of the daily blogs.

Hi Andrew and Daniel, wild dog kills can be very brutal to watch but one can take solace in the fact that it is very quick for the prey. You are more than welcome to share your pictures and videos. You can start by sending your photos to blog@londolozi.co.za. Thanks

Senior Digital Ranger

in Flemish we say : “van de kant in de gracht” for the impala (from the side to the canal)
Last in Nxabega we saw a big croc catching a smaller one!

Hi Dina, that is a pretty rare thing to see! But then again you do have a habit of witnessing remarkable sightings on safari!

Senior Digital Ranger

Mostly with you!
You can see the picture of the crocs on my instagram account , you are also in it with a story of our incredible safari together !

James – what a story – crocodile kills the impala that the wild dogs were chasing!

Brutal! Great footage, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to be back soon.

Wow! We don’t like crocs because they have a sort of prehistoric look to them and they are tough to shoot. Congratulations on an excellent shot.

In 2015 (?) with Callum Gowar and Freddy Ngobeni we witnessed exactly the same thing minus the crocodile. After what seemed like a very long time with the empanadas die in and out of the water….one wild dog managed to catch her. Body dragged onto land 5 ft’ from our vehicle. We watched nature happening in horror and awe. Sadly the doe was pregnant and the dogs ate the fetus as well. I don’t have these photos on my phone but I believe it would show the same large waterhole.

Distressing, but that’s the way it is. Dogs and crocodiles and lions and – well, everybody – has to eat. And somehow I don’t think a campaign to convince either a wild dog or a crocodile of the benefits of a vegan diet would be successful…

James, That video is incredible! How many times have you seen that? We couldn’t help but feel sad for the Impala….

Hi Michael and Terri, I have seen Wild Dogs chase prey into water before but never seen a crocodile get involved like that! Was a very intense sighting that was for sure. Hope you are both well and see you soon now!


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