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Lucie and I are retired and have turned our energies to photography and videography, of which wildlife is by far the favorite subject. We have been to Africa every 2-3 years over the last 35 years. We have been to several camps in ...

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on Leopard Cub Hangs Upside Down!

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Master Tracker

That is an amazing photo by any standard… well done

Amazing capture of the cub hanging upside down.

It’s wonderful to know that animal mothers have hissy fits like the rest of us when dinner is ruined. Glad the cub made it down safely. Victoria

What a sighting! The pictures tell the story beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

What a sighting! And your images

What a sighting! And your images are wonderful – the golden leopards and the deep blue sky are delightful. Thank you!

Beautiful photos and a concise accounting of the situation. I’ve been to only one other camp than Londolozi and am amazed at the difference. Londolozi is incredible: the top tier staff, the impeccable facilities, the food and the wild life is beyond compare. What an opportunity for you as a photographer to witness such an interaction!

Bob & Lucie – great story. Loved the photo of the leopard hanging upside down in the tree

It’s like a mom yelling at her kid for wasting food. ‘I will have you know that there are starving children in Biafra who would be only too happy for this food!’

What a compelling photo and a great story to tell. Thanks for sharing!

What a fabulous experience you enjoyed- surely a once in a lifetime opportunity to view and photograph. Great group of images.

Bob & Lucy, Thanks for sharing such an awesome story! Your shot of the young leopard hanging by it’s claws is unbelievable! Well done!

Fortunately Lucie had her finger down on the shutter release and was shooting at 8 frames/sec. the cub wasn’t like that for more than a moment or two.

What an amazing photo, beautifully captured! Thanks for sharing!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow your leopard pictures are truly stunning with the beautiful blue background! Glad the cub got down safely, but I guess that was the mom’s way of disciplining the cub, to say, you lost dinner, now sort something out?


Amazing to read the full story here guys!! Can’t wait to experience some of these sightings again. Especially with my new gear 😀

Lucie is working on next July. Trying for New Moon time but only Full Moon is currently available. Presume by then you will be a video ninja!

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