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on Leopard Cub Catches Scrub Hare Repeatedly

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Amazing video! Awesome sighting. It is cruel to see but it is nature. We watched a lioness catch a warthog piglet once. Ran back to the other pride members with it. They tore it apart and it squeeled till it was dead.

Thanks, Rob! You ended the post with a nice laugh! The scrub hares do not have an easy life out there!

Seeing one’s first kill is a difficult thing to come to grips with. As days pass, one begins to understand the cycle.

Rob, what a great history lesson! Knowing that the scrub hare is not so easy to catch, even for a small leopard.

It is interesting that most guests long to see a “kill” and it’s probably tolerable at a distance but we recently saw a pack of wild dogs take down two warthogs within five meters of our vehicle and it was excessively brutal but fascinating to watch. In the bush one must always remember the Lion King’s mantra about the Circle of Life.

Practice makes perfect and for young predators, they have to begin with the smaller prey in order to hone their kill techniques. Your blog clearly explains the catch and release strategy, as the youngsters learn the ways to survive in adulthood.

While in Botswana, prior to my stay in Londolozi, we witnessed a young female leopard with a 2 day old impala clutched between her paws. It was alive and squirming to escape, but the leopard kept slapping it down. The sounds of panic from the fawn were heart wrenching but we knew it was the law of nature. We watched for a time and then the leopard finally dug deep into the fawn, stood up and walked with it further into the thick brush out of sight. There was silence in the rover for a while as each person processed what was seen. It was truly a Nat Geo moment!!

The video was fantastic…….thanks for another thought provoking blog.

Rob, You are right, the video is a little graphic, but the look you got from the leopard was incredible! Like “don’t even think about it!”

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