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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on Why We Should Be More Like the Monkeys

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Interesting facts. We usually regard monkeys as pests. They are in fact very interesting animals. Lovely blog Nick.

Just bring that Breakfast Buffet a little bit closer to Citrusdal!

I‘ve had food pinched by vervets and baboons many times on camping safaris, also at Londolozi! Even when one is experienced and vigilant, they can fool you!
Some of this behavior could be attributed to humans purposely feeding monkeys, but I believe it‘s mostly simple opportunism, given that even veteran campers can be distracted while setting up camp, cooking, and just relaxing. Clever monkeys learn the perfect moment!

Ah, my favourite blueball monkeys. I really love them, they are so sweet! I have been to the Vervet monkey rescue centre once, that was really nice!

Digital Ranger

What a great read. Nick, thank you for this fun article. We have so much to learn from the animals.

Very nice correlation between the instinctive Vervet habits and how humans could also benefit from adopting the same habits except the stealing … lol.
Lovely images as well.

It seems the Vervets all too often provide the morning’s entertainment as we prepare for safari but it is impossible not to laugh at their ingenuity and creativity as they steal breakfast at the buffet tables!!! They are incredibly quick and nimble as they dart in and out, sometimes even with a baby along for the ride!!!

I know the Berber mommies can be a nuisance, have to say they are very cute and clever. Three years we had come in from the morning safari and were starting breakfast. Phil went to get coffee and had no sooner sat down than a largish vervet landed on the table next to him and his breakfast. I am not sure who was the most surprised but did something and the monkey left. Victoria

Master Tracker

A well thought 💭 out post, you tend to forget the smaller creatures, but they can be equally fascinating or indeed photogenic.

I know the Vervet monkeys are quite cheeky around the camp, especially at mealtime, but they are quite fascinating and fun to watch. I believe their family units are quite strong so both the elders and babies are cared for…….
Thanks for your photos and information.

Nick great lesson on monkeys

“Sneaky Pete’s” as they called them in my day

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