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on Tsalala Cubs Alive and Well

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It is wonderful news that they are alive and well. It is fantastic that there are two female cubs as they will carry the Tsalala name forward. Let us hope that they survive.

Digital Ranger

Where could I find the rest of the story on the Taalala female? I’ve seen the name many times, but didn’t know she was solitary. And don’t know much of her story. Thanks for the help in advance.

So adorable. Fingers crossed the gods are guarding them from harm. Victoria

James, great story, I hope they survive, they are so tiny.

Wonderful news and beautiful photos, James. Do you think the father is 1 of the Birmingham males?

Can’t recall reading about a solitary lioness previously.

Senior Digital Ranger

How wonderful. I know it is an uphill climb for these little ones but hopefully they have inherited mom’s toughness and will be able to manage the incredible challenges the wild throws at them. Those faces-precious!


Great news! This little family needs all the luck and love it can get!

This is the news I’ve been waiting for… Prayers for this little family

In a world of sometimes unspeakable hardness, this is indeed such a beam of goodness and light. And by the way…Cutest cubs ever ! ❤️🦁❤️

So exciting to see their tiny faces! May the odds be ever in their favor. 😁

Delightful news, James! Good for this single Tsalala Lioness Mom! Do hope this is a new beginning of a really strong Tsalala pride in due course. She is a very courageous and wise Mom and to be congratulated on her efforts. Who is the father? Anyone know? Or are there a choice of father’s perhaps just to be on the safe side? Good hunting to you, Mom! Wendy M

Awesome news and especially she’s got two little girls in the litter as well! She’s got a tough, long road of obstacles ahead but if she’s got any ounce of her grandmother in her and having been raised and taken care of by her just as legendary aunt, I think she’ll do just fine. Question James: As only one of the Birminghams mated with her, would the other two recognize these cubs as his (or even him for that matter) since they don’t appear to have had contact with the Tsalala Lioness since?

That is amazing news!!!!

How good is this, and what a remarkable story of hope for the future. Looking forward to seeing more as this new chapter unfolds.

What a absolute joy to see Tsalala alive, looking well and with her adorable young Cubs. SO little and vulnerable. For me, one who was continuously worried about her survival all alone, finds this whole thing nearly a miracle. Surprised she allowed them out of the den when this young. Glad to hear that there are several den spots for protection. Thanks James….this was wonderful and bravo Tsalala!!

Digital Ranger

Hi Joanne, I asked one other person. Hoping you or the other has some info. Do you know of a good place I could find the story on her? I have seen the name so often but didn’t know she was solitary. Any help is appreciated.



Great news and good to see the little fluff balls with their mum!! Hopefully she will continue to protect and provide for them, increasing their chances of survival. Cheers to many more sightings!!😍🦁

We always marvel at the cycle of life at Londolozi! We LOVE hearing the stories because we miss seeing the events!! And the cubs stories are the best of all … they are so cute … and their futures will become so interesting!!! Thanks for sharing.

That’s great news James! Thank you for taking s few moments to share the sighting!

Senior Digital Ranger

It is awesome that she have cubs

Can’t wait to see them! Ximpalapala is the perfect place for the cubs! 😉

Could they be any cuter?!

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