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Zambian-born, Paul grew up a fisherman, a birder and a lover of all things outdoors. Following his passion for wildlife he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rhodes University before heading for the lowveld. Paul boasts a number of years guiding ...

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on The Week in Pictures #384

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Paul you’ve presented an outstanding week in pictures for us. So complete with stand alone images and balanced with excellent descriptions. I won’t even try to decide which image I preferred. Your ability with the camera is excellent as well. Can’t get much better!

Stunning leopard pics Paul. Love the bees and the Tsalala female crossing the Sand river.

Fantastic images, Paul! Hard to pick a favorite! I love leopards, so that first shot of the silhouetted leopard jumping really caught my eye. But I also adored the one of the Nkoveni female and her cub meeting nose to nose on the fallen tree. Thanks so much for sharing!

Excellent blog and awesome images, Paul! You made me feel badly that I wasn’t at Londolozi this week!

Master Tracker

Some seriously good photos, I would give serious consideration to putting the photo of the lion paw prints on my wall, simply because it so unusual

Lovely blog, Paul. Another 2 leopards-in-trees photos added to my “favourites.”!

Excellent TWIP Paul! Really enjoyed your variety of pictures and your descriptions. Always appreciate the camera settings 📷! The cubs are really growing and quite beautiful. There seems to be a definite difference between the sisters, just looking a their faces. I’m so longing to see leopards again!! Cheers!!

Every one a gem this week!

Hi Paul. So agree with Joanne. An excellent week in pictures. So interesting because it is so varied with interesting sequences here and there. Question. Do Leopard Toitoises and Speke’s Hinged Toitoises ever mate and produce mixtures? Or do they only really mate and produce with their own type? Wendy M

You’ve managed to have me take a closer look at my favorite image of the Ndzanzeni female hanging in my office. I had seen the different positions of the ears as she drank from a hidden rock pool. Always thought it was a genetic thing–not part of the “security” system.

Paul, We have been following Nkoveni for years now and are so thrilled to see her cub successfully surviving! Really great shots of them together! Especially love the two of them on the tree!

Just incredible photos!!! All of the leopard images are absolutely stunning!!!

It’s almost impossible to take a bad leopard picture!!! We especially like the leopard jumping between branches/trees!

Paul, is there an App one adds to a blog whereby a reader can buy a copyright photo like you have at the leopard playing in the tree?

Hi Dries, At the bottom right hand corner of the image there is a shopping cart which allows you to purchase the image. Please email me if you have any further questions at content@londolozi.co.za


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