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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Embarrassment of Getting Lost

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Good Morning,
Thanks for all your hard work on these daily blogs, I LOVE starting my day with a few moments in the bush. This is just a general comment. Three Rivers should be added as Xidulu’s daughter. She is an amazing success story in herself and Xidulu “Kikilezi” was an amazing mother.

Hi James. We know a ranger on another game reserve who was fairly new but who had been there long enough to take guests around in the Landy. They had been on a late afternoon game drive. At 2 a.m. they dragged themselves in. The guests were exhausted! He had had to go OUT of the game reserve and then gone along the main road outside the reserve and eventually found his way back to the Lodge! He didn’t live this down for ages of course…. So don’t feel too bad! Wendy M

Haha Wendy I don’t suppose you’d care to share who and where…? 😉

I know the feeling James. I always get lost. You start off in the direction you think is the right way, and when nothing seem familiar you realize that you actually took the wrong turn at the start. The worst is coming out of a shopping center and I can’t remember where I have parked my vechile. It might sound like a funny story but to the person that get lost it is a nightmare.

Hi Marinda,
I often do the same when looking for my car!

Sorry – that should read ‘the oxen unharnessed’.

Thank you for sharing this confession. I’ve always found it fascinating how rangers and trackers can navigate the non-roads throughout a property, always ending up back at the lodge, or even better, discovering that elusive animal. In short, you’re all amazing!!

This can happen to the very best of us and may happen to one of the other team members yet. You DID reorientate yourself and no call was made to rescue you. Good. Now having said that…..let the ribbing begin! You didn’t think you’d get off the hook, did you? 😉

Hi Joanne,
Let’s just say I’ve been keeping a low profile!

Senior Digital Ranger

Quite a fine story, James. Happy to hear that even the best of the best — you wonderful Londolozi guides — can become disoriented once in a while. (It just better not happen when next I return!)

Hi Dave,
Haha it might depend on who your ranger is!

Hello James!
Beautiful written! It is only the strong ones who can admitt that they have made a mistake…Even an expert can make a mistake, but if one never makes any mistakes probably one have never tryed

Hi Ann,
If I’m honest, most of my mistakes I’ve just kept quiet about and hoped no one would notice! 😉

You brought back a recent memory. During my last visit, we were driving around looking for the very same Ndzanzeni female. Ray had an incredible spot and we settled in for some photos. We tried to update nearby vehicles but had no idea what roads we (Ray, Nick and Grant) were off of. After numerous misdirections and arguments Alex managed to join us. It seems that her current territory is not so heavily traveled.

Hi Al,
Hmm the guys never mentioned this! I’ll have to make some enquiries! 🙂

I often wondered but never dared to ask–now I might!

James, let me recount a tale from ‘Jock of The Bushveld’. The wagons had pulled up for the night and the oxen untarnished. Percy Fitzpatrick was sitting with the rest of the drivers around the fire while one of them took his rifle and went off to try and get something for the pot. The ground was quite open in front of them for about a hundred meters. A while later they saw him come out of the bush neat the other end of the open area. He climbed on an anthill and looked around and loosed off a couple of shots, apparently at random. Then he walked in the other direction and loosed off another two shots – apparently not shooting AT anything. They could see him quite clearly and they were wondering what the hell he was doing. Suddenly, it occurred to all of them at the same time – ‘He’s lost!’ They all cried and burst out laughing. He heard them laughing and staggered towards them, totally terrified. He’d been in sight of the camp all along but panic had literally blinded him. Getting lost is easy – I don’t think you were lost, probably momentarily disorientated. Always remember, not knowing where you are is not the same as being lost. You will always know where you are – on Mother Earth. You were born here. This is your home.

Love this article – I get lost all the time!

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