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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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on The Ongoing Mystery of the Mashaba Female’s Cubs

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I do hope the cubs are atill alive, even if it is just one. She just seem to have bad luck raising cubs to maturity.

Oh, I hope those cubs are still alive! The leopard has a very tough job trying to raise babies while she must go hunt. If she cannot hunt, she doesn’t eat and therefore cannot produce milk for her cubs. It is surprising that any ever survive. While she goes hunting, she has to try her best to hide them and hope they don’t get curious and come out of hiding. Keep us informed on these cubs, James. Hoping for a happy ending!

We were there in October of this year. Sorry we missed these little cubs. We did see 2 leopard cubs, they were staring off in the distant to where some lions were – with 4 cubs. We were able to see all of the cubs at one location. What a sight!

Master Tracker

Let us hope that all is well and the cubs are safely hidden

Fingers crossed!

May she prove to be more wiley than her surrounding foes, and have those cubs tucked away, safe and sound. Great update and with the leopard spirits aligned, hopefully we’ll all see her with her cubs soon.

Senior Digital Ranger

She is absolutely stunning, quite beautiful and let us hope against all the odds that her cubs have survived.

Hoping for the best James! Keep at it–need to keep track of the lineage.

I join with everyone’s hope that the Cubs are alive, but well hidden. Only time will tell.

Thanks a lot for keeping us informed. Let’s hope for the best for the Mashaba Female’s cubs.

Thanks a lot for keeping us informed. Let’s hope for the best for the three cubs.

I have my fingers crossed. Hopefully we get good news. Victoria

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