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on Mating Lions Chased by Elephants: Photographic Lessons Learned

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Amazing video. No matter how many times you see an elephanr chase lions it is still amazing how they scatter. We have seen buffalo chase lions in different directions. It did sound as uf the lions were not happy being chased. And as for cameras, I am just an amateur photigrapher who take nice pictures for memories, it happened to us aswell that the lens was wrong or the memory card wasn’t in the camera or something stopped working, at the “best” once in a lifetime sighting.

That’s an astonishing video James, that bull elephant really meant business! It must have been really awe-inspiring to watch.

Oh well, the video was still priceless even if it didn’t meet your expectations. That bull elephant was really moving… good thing the lions were faster and I would assume more wiley in their escape strategy.
I know what you mean about anticipating the right lens for the “money shot”. Owning two bodies is useful, but on my last trip, I barely used my camera with the 24-70 lens.

Thanks for the useful tips!!

I love hearing those lions’ roars.

Missed the shot but the video is more than adequate compensation : )

No complaints here about the video.
Amazing sight–all of those lions together.

I loved the video of the bull on a full run with ears flapping all that roaring in response. That, along with filming all those Cubs, made it one special video for me. I appreciate the mention of turning off the stablizer while filming. Will check that out in the future.

I love the audio! It brought back all the excitement of those morning drives, and the freedom of having no agenda or to-do list, but to just be present in the moment and open to the possibilities of the day. My heart was racing as if I were right there. I could even smell the air. Somehow my Saturday morning plans of laundry and bill paying seem so unimportant now.

Two very important lessons to learn!!

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