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Zambian-born, Paul grew up a fisherman, a birder and a lover of all things outdoors. Following his passion for wildlife he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rhodes University before heading for the lowveld. Paul boasts a number of years guiding ...

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on Smith’s Bush Squirrels – Fascinating, Fidgety and Fun to Watch

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Squirrels are fascinating animals. Camping in Kruger they stole our baby potatoes and buried it under our tent. Getting up in the morning we could not understand how stones suddenly got in under the tent. Investigating what was going on, we found the potatoes. Camping in Kgalagadi we saw the ground squirrels with the fascinating behaviour of using their tails as an umbrella to protect them from the sun and heat in the desert.

That is amazing thanks Marinda! I would love to see the Kgalagadi squirrels using their tails as an umbrella.

Great post, paul – love those squirrels!

Thank you Paul, very nice story. I like all animals and especially the little ones we don’t know enough about as foreigners…………….

Very interesting details on their behaviour/ecology. I like these type of posts a lot. Thanks!

Thanks for your comment Lachlan! I have a few more like this in the pipeline so watch this space.

Really interesting reading Paul. Living in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco, we have a species of tree squirrels that are larger and their coats are more reddish/gray/brown. They love peanuts in the shell, as well as dried corn cobs and sunflower seeds. Do I feed them? No comment!! Their predators are the local raptors or the too fast vehicle in the neighborhood. I saw many of these little guys during my days at Londolozi and found their behavior amusing and predictable.

Happy Holidays!!

Always love watching these little guys!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks Paul, the small creatures, like these are a joy to watch when the game viewing is nil, so look forward to another small animal on your blog!

Amazing images Paul!

Vreemd. My “squirrel het 14 Augustus 2020 3 babas gehad. Nou op 1 November 2020 lyk dit of sy weer baie naby aan aflaai is. Hulle word nie in hokke aangehou nie. Net as sy aflaai dan sit ons haar in n hokkie. As babas oud genoeg is, dan maak ons hulle weer oop.
Mooiste prentjie as hulle geboorte gee.

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