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on What Bird is This? #5

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Sedge warbler.

Senior Digital Ranger

can it be a thrush ??

Hello James!
I think it is a Spotted Flycatcher, it is an adult. I can’t tell if it is a female or a male because both sexes are similar. Thank you for a fantastic blog!

I am calling it as a female Violet-backed Starling (Cinnyricinclus leucogaster). Males are always a dead give away with the iridescent plum colour. Heavily streaked below points to the female. As they are breeding migrants it could also possibly be a juvenile but as I can’t see the eye colour and it might be a bit early in the season for a juvenile to be fully fledged I’ll stick with a female.

Really enjoying the challenges. It’s always nice to brush up the migrant birding skills when they start arriving back.

What was the previous bird? was it a dark chanting goshawk? I can’t find the answers

Hi James,
Off the bat it looks like a female Violet-backed Starling but the light on the pic is not that great in the throat area, so it could be a male bird in transitional plumage. The belly stripes, angle of the leg to the body, length of the leg and very shallow angle between beak and forehead are what I am relying on. Also, as far as I can see the back coloration fits. How about sending the raw file so we can play with the light to get a view of what you saw through your binoculars, or would that spoil the fun?

Yikes! This is not much of a clue….. I’m going to have to find another bird book.

Groundscraper Thrush.

James, It looks like a Violet-Backed Starling Female.

Female violet-backed starling is my guess.

Hi Everyone,

Some good guesses here, a number of which are correct.
The answer will be revealed in this Friday’s Week in Pictures…

Well, it’s very streked and it has a short bill. I would say either female violet-backed starling or spotted flycatcher. The former is more likely in my mind.

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