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“Partly grown up in Saudi-Arabia I learned that the world can be very different and beautiful although we may do not know or understand this at the time.” As one of the long-term companions of Good Work Foundation and Londolozi Private Game Reserve ...

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on The First Visit to Africa

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I know it’s cliche, but a journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single footstep .

Dear Ian, it may is a cliche and thank you for reminding me and others on this wisdom. In any case I know it is true and important lesson to learn; we must bring this to the hearts and minds of our kids, friends and also to the business environment. Vision, courage, and the willingness to just DO something is more important than it ever was. All the best, warm regards, Karl

Great story about a great initiative! Work being done is so inspiring.

Dear Penny, thank you for commenting and the kind compliment to the Londolozi team. Education is important. Encouragement is everything. (unfortunately not from myself …. J.W. Goethe said this ….) Thank you very much! Take, hope you can enjoy Londolozi soon again. My best, Karl

This is a fantastic thing that you and Londolozi and Hazyview are doing keep it going!!! Victoria

Dear Victoria, we will stay tall and help to continue the GWF mission! Its such a privilege to be part of it and have such wonderful friends. Thank you for commenting, all blessings, my best, Karl

On our first trip to Africa in 2013, our adventure finished at Londolozi. In addition to experiencing the wonders of a game drive, I was totally mesmerized by the small learning center on site. It was there that I met Kate Groch, one of the most outstanding individuals I have ever known. As a former senior educational administrator, I became so impressed with the commitment of Kate and her staff using the limited resources available. Since then, we have helped with significant fundraisers in the US as well as partnerships with a foundation and US college. We return for a 4th time in July, and we look forward with equal enthusiasm to the adventures of game drives, as well as a visit to one of the campuses which have been created by Kates’s determination and vision with the able support of Ryan James.

Dear Vin, thx for sharing your personal, private experience here. I guess we all get back more than we give when we engage with kids, young adults and support practical visions like GWF. Thank you so much that you support Kate and here incredible team – the force is with us 😉
Let´s join now our forces in sharing and thinking about the best ways to continue our safari and help to offer choice for the many. Thx so much, all blessings, have a wonder filled Christmas season, Karl

Dear Karl,
You mention that it is a privilege to be part of GWF’s mission. I feel the same, but on behalf of the GWF team I would like to say that it is a privilege and honour to have you on this mission with us. Thank you for sharing this personal story with this community. You are a true example of someone who is willing to see the tracks and then to take the brave next step of seeing where they will lead you (those are two different parts of a journey). We hope to continue to learn and be inspired by you.

Dear Ryan, my friend,
people like you and your wonderful family are making it easy to see the track and following it. And the community here is encouraging and inspiring to continue the path. A big hand for you and a big thank you for the years you are part of GWF now –
I still remember the day when we met first time and we drove from Joburg to Hazyview. I felt so welcome and as we would know each other for years. In 2019 we jointly will start to work on our “Digital Entrepreneurship Program” for sure – and Tracking (capabilities) will be a center piece of it.
All blessing and hugs, Karl

Exciting to read about your experience Katl. Looking forward to the next episode. Education is so important in our country and the rest of Africa.

Dear Marinda, thank you for commenting and the great enthusiasm you offer to this community here. Unbeatable. Yes, education is a mission critical effort – I believe it is still one of the most valuable investments these days. Probably we just have to rethink education and understand that the “learner” and “the teacher” is in focus. The formal systems are now and then not appropriate for the needs and wants. If we look at prisoners like A. Humboldt (not Wilhelm), Einstein, Messner, Jobs, Kate Grogh, Dave and Boyd Party and many many others – they all are unique und somehow did not fit into the process. But they made a difference. And we all make a difference (sometimes we just don’t know). Pleas go on with your postings and sharing your thoughts here. My best, Karl

Don’t leave us hanging…what happened next?!?!? GWF is changing lives in such remarkable, community-based ways. Cheers!

Dear Susan, you know it is Christmas Season…. each day you open ” a door” in your calendar…. 😉 I hope you will enjoy the next story. Thank you for the compliment here to GWF. They have more impact and by far higher productivity than I saw in many corporates. Warmest regards, my best, Karl

Dear Susan, you may now want read what came next ….. and then another story to come 😉 Merry Christmas, Karl

I read it, and love it! So you are the one I have heard about, so very cool. I have been connected to GWF since 2013 and hope that connection will only grow. And I do feel for your daughter, and powerful lesson learned: NEVER skip game drive. EVER, ever, ever. ☺️. Merry Christmas and I look forward to part 3!

Hi Karl,
Wonderful first instalment. Everyone’s dying to read the next!

Dear James, I hope everybody will stay alive, here. Tracking is challenging enough. 😉 I was hoping to contribute some inspiration for this outstanding community and the “Digital initiative” of Lonolozi and GWF. For me it is a real role model. Many businesses have this; often it is lip service only, circling around boring “more of the same products” and without any purpose.
Londolozi and GWF are different and very powerful. It is just significant and encouraging. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a community and to learn. Hope we will meet one day in person! All blessings, stay tall, my best, Karl

Great story Karl ! The success and growth of the GWF has been remarkable. Fully credit to the Varty Family to support the digital learning initiatives. I can’t wait to personally experience Londolozi and check out the learning centers in Hazyview.

Dear Jehan, many thx for your commitment and encouragement. Take a look into the blog of Chris Taylor – A Reawaken of the Senses: The Sounds of Londolozi! Amazing and great fun!

I hope we will continue our common journey and we jointly build the (digital) entrepreneurship course and add some fascinating engineering capabilities, too. Paul from Stanford University will be with us for sure. I could already make some fundraising and can’t wait to see your next iteration of the content. Africa is waiting and maybe others will join us.

As a safari passionate and former trainer at Google, I strongly believe in the power of e-learning, to struggle against cultural and economical barriers with the power of knowledge. Thank for your job!

Dear Valentina, good to know there are more alies around here! I also love Googles approach with udacity.com – I got to know Sebastian Thrun in the early days of the company. Would hope that udacity and Google will join GWF to a larger extend…. Let‘s see …. Warm regards, my best Karl

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