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Anna worked at Londolozi for almost 9 years. A lodge like Londolozi, although famous for its wildlife, is about far more than just that. The superb culinary experience which awaits every guest at Londolozi is thanks to the continued efforts of Anna, who ...

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on Londolozi’s Brand New Kitchen

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The kitchen is amazing Anna! When we visited in September we had tour around the kitchen. It is stunning. The best if all were the beautiful cakes that just came out of the oven when we were there. That fresh baked smell. Divine.

Thank you Marinda – sorry not to see you on your last visit, but glad you saw the new kitchen and Kim’s stores too!

Wow! The staff & Anna produced extraordinary delights in limited space. Imagine what’s next!
Look forward to a tour in July!

Thanks Vin! So look forward to giving you the tour.

Anna, so excited for you and the staff on your new kitchen. The few pictures were but a taste of the whole competed space. perhaps we might see some more of this modern state of the art kitchen. In the meantime it must be very rewarding for you to be part of such an amazing place. Hope to see you this year in Sarasota when you visit. I was unable to make it last year but won’t miss it this year. When do you plan on coming back to Florida? Again congratulations on the new facilities. The quality of the food was already exemplary and the talents of you and the staff was beyond my expectations. Londolozi is constantly improving not only for the guests experience but also the way the staff is part of the family is heartwarming. Happy cooking.

Thank you Andrew & Daniel!
I will be back in Florida 2019 hopefully for another successful All Heart Dinner! I will see what other pictures i have and do a follow up on our instagram page with pleasure!

Anna, you and your team deserve a palace’s kitchen! Best wishes.
Congratulations to Chris (are you planning to offer the same one to Emma?).

Merci Jacueline! Vous avez raison, je suis sûr qu’Emma serait plus heureuse avec une cuisine un peu plus grande – je suggérerai à Chris!

Digital Ranger

CONGRATULATIONS!! The pictures look beautiful. I wish all the cooks, bakers and sous chefs well in their new space.

Thanks Gemma!

The new kitchen seems pretty spectacular! Congratulations to Anna and her team – all the planning has paid off! Happy cooking!

Thank you Mary Beth!
It was a project in the making for some time, but we’ve now been operating for nearly a year in the new kitchen!

Fantastic! Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to try the food that gets made in that kitchen!

Thanks Callum!
We look forward to giving you the tour and serving you the deliciousness!

Congratulations on the completion of an incredibly complicated project that will benefit one and all . . . well maybe not so much the monkeys.

Thank you Jeff!
Yes, the monkeys seem a little put out, however, we are not complaining!

As someone who loves to cook there is nothing more happy making than a brand new kitchen where everything thing exactly where it is where it makes your job easier. I have never had a kitchen with room to dance! What a great idea. Victoria

Thank you Victoria!
There is always time to dance whilst cooking! Look out for some fun instagram dancing shots coming up!

How exciting!

Thanks Judy!
Look forward to giving you the tour on your next visit!

Gorgeous kitchen Anna. Having experienced some of the best food I’ve ever had in Sabi Sand, I can only imagine what the new kitchen will do for the staff as it continues to expand. Absolutely loved the rusks that were in the glass canister in my room – almost addictive!!

Thanks Denise!
Next time you will have to come for a tour!

Well worth the time to see this. You will marvel at the thought that went into the design and the various staging areas. But the thing that amazed me most was Anna’s master board showing all the guests in each camp, their personal dietary preferences, specil requests, etc and the scheduling necessary to serve them all 7 times a day plus special occassions like bush breakfasts & lunches, Boma nights and even weddings, etc. Wow!!! Hats off to Anna and the entire team!

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