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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on What’s On The Property Market at Londolozi?

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Thanks Dean, that’s fascinating. It’s not just about the leopards!

Glad you enjoyed it, Suzanne.

Love your blog Dean. Weavers are fascinating. It is amazing to see the different nests that the various species buildt. A first for us were the sociable weaver and white browed weaver nests in the Kalahari. Love your for sale sign.

They really are fascinating, thanks for the comments Marinda.

Being a male is hard work some times. :-). They are truly master builders!

As always, something “new” to notice on our next visit!

Master Tracker

Wonderful, sometimes we spend too much time on the ” big stuff” without noticing the wonders around us

Well put Ian, its good to enjoy all the wanders around us.

Digital Ranger

Thank you for sharing this. What a great article.

Pleasure Gemma, glad you enjoyed it.

Nature never ceases to be amazing. Thanks Dean

Can learn something new everyday.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for this interesting blog. Nice to see something different. I had a weaver build at least 20 nests in the same tree, branch & on my inspection could see thru the roof, so no caring mom bird would consider living in it so he gave up eventually ?

Thanks for the comment Wendy. Hopefully that male learnt the tricks quickly.

It is nothing short of mind-boggling that these amazing nests are built by the weavers without hands. It would be a treat if you could post a video of the process by which the nests are created.

Hi Jeff, thanks for the comment, difficult to try film the whole process but agreed it would be great to see so definitely worth a try.

Hello Dean,
Thank you for beautiful pictures and a very interesting article about weavers. They are trouly creative! The first picture was a lot of fun! Location, location and location it’s seems to be true everywhere!

Thanks for the wonder comment Ann. Yes it seems that within every aspect, territory or home, location is a vital point.

Digital Ranger

Very useful to have a mate who has already built a house. We need more of them in GB!!

Great piece – we had a lot of fun sitting on the causeway one day trying all sorts of creative photography techniques shooting the weavers as the arrived / left the nests…

Thank you Grant, that is the best place to observe the weavers.

I love watching these birds build their nests!

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