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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on What Can We See When No One’s Watching? Part 1.

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I left my heart in Londolozi

Looking forward to the next article on the cameras! This was fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing the photos and for the descriptions, especially of that ‘leopard pretender’! ?

Haha thanks Darlene, I’ll pass on your regards to Pete!

Senior Digital Ranger

at last an aardvark !!!

Hi Dina,
Agreed, it’s very overdue!

Senior Digital Ranger

I’m still waiting to see an aardvark after more than 20 safari !
Indeed a lot of tracks and holes ..
My first question on a game drive is now : what do you want to see : an aardvark !!
Have you heard the story of a Japanese family wanting to see the animals in alphabetical order???

Loved these shots- some are quite funny

Whether large or small, these cameras often capture very interesting images of animals or of the “other kind.” Good going Pete Thorpe….proof you are intent on doing your job, no matter what! Hope you aren’t ribbed too much! Lol….

Haha he’s got off lightly so far Joanne!

Very interesting and another example of how useful camera traps can be. I look forward to reading the paper too (Hopefully it will be open access so I can read it)!

Hi Lachlan,
We’ll be releasing all the results once the paper’s in!

Best regards

Great pictures.. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3

Master Tracker

I am waiting for the caracal

Hi Ian,
You’re going to have to wait for parts 2 & 3…

Love this!! What a wonderful camera to catch the elusive night creatures such as the Aardvark, Civet and Genet in addition to the day crew. Number if elephants- four?

Really fun to see the variety of wildlife! And an aardvark – amazing to see!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow an aardvark how wonderful! Would the fruit bat not eat termites? A couple of weeks ago we had termites coming through the paving at home, but lost their wings & the skinks were just sitting, filling their faces & didn’t move as we watched & were so fat they couldn’t move.?

Hello James. I’m guessing 5 elephants. Also thinking maybe Pete lost a contact lens!

Haha Al I still haven’t asked him but the latter suggestion is very plausible!

I love camera traps! They show a side to animals us humans would not see.

I saw about 4 elephants in that one image! And nice work with capturing the aardvark!!

It’s great how camera traps can reveal a whole new side to a place that you think you know well.

Amazing images. The aardvark is definitely the best.

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