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Bob and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where we enjoy boating, hiking, photography and travel. After many trips to Eastern and Southern Africa, we are pleased to call Londolozi our 'African home!'

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on Just Another Morning For a Mother Leopard Raising a Cub

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Lovely blog Mary Beth. Beautifully written. Amazing sighting.

Thank you, Marinda! It was a very special morning.

What a great sighting – these mother leopards are awesome

They are awesome – and we first saw Nkoveni when she herself was a little cub with HER mother!

Mary Beth, this was a fascinating article on a day in the life of a mama leopard! The leopard is my favorite animal. Your story illustrates so many positive attributes of the female leopard. Thanks for sharing. Well done!

Thanks for the nice comments, Darlene! Leopards are my favorites too, especially the Londolozi leopards!

Thank you Mary Beth for that rich account of “a morning in the life of” the Nkoveni female (and her cub). I keep looking out for posts on these two because we had the privilege of watching the Nkoveni female carry her cub a good distance, when it was very tiny, back in May. It is growing beautifully and of course it owes much,if not everything, to its mother, in that regard.

We have yet to see a leopard carrying a cub – what an awesome experience that must be! Next trip, maybe!!

I hope you shall. Our tracker, Terrence had been tracking for something like 13 years and never seen a mother leopard carrying her cub before then …

That’s a lovely story in pictures, James! Yes. Moms so often have a hard time raising children of all kinds and species including the human kind! Wendy M

Thanks, Wendy!

Excellent piece and enjoyable pictures. Felt like I was there and part of the moment

Thanks, Andrew and Daniel! It was a truly amazing morning!

What a wonderful story about Nkoveni and her cub. Thanks to see her in your pictures again.

You’re welcome, Jutta! I do think she’s pretty special…!

What an incredible morning! Your photos illustrate your story perfectly and will provide you with great memories. I’m leaving from SFO in November for a stay at Londolozi and so looking forward to many adventures (hopefully including leopards!).

I’m so jealous of your upcoming trip, Denise! I’ll meet you at SFO as I live in Marin! I know you’ll have a fantastic trip – and see plenty of leopards!

Would love to catch up with you and ask some questions. My email is traveldv@yahoo.com
Leaving November 2 for Johannesburg and then on to Botswana for a week, prior to Sabi Sand.

Thank you!

You’re so welcome!

Great write up (and photos too). You really brought the story to life. Thanks!

Thanks, Lachlan! It was an amazing morning!

That is amazing! She is an incredible Mama! I love the pictures and the way she instinctively knew to stay away from that lion! Remarkable!!! Your writing skills are exceptional!!! Seeing that little cub, melts my heart ♥️! I so hope and pray little one makes it to adulthood and with an amazing Mom like her, chances look good!!!

Digital Ranger

Hard work being a caring mother. I presume Dad was off at the Leopard pub with his mates, taking piles of no notice!

Wow what a great story with some beautiful pics. Really fantastic to have your first hand encouter on the blog. Hope to receive more stories from you in the future 🙂

Thanks, Rich! I really appreciate the nice comments and there may even be a few more ‘stories ‘ to tell!

I just love all your photo’s. You are so blessed to see such beautiful cats.

Thank you, Constance!

Such an incredible encounter!!

Great photos & story, can’t see that in SF huh? lol Awesome!

Thanks, Trish!

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