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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Anderson 4:4 Male

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on Lioness Almost Kills TWO Male Leopards

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That must have been so incredible to witness! Just watching the video made me shiver! It would be such a shame to lose another leopard. Be careful out there, ‘boys,! ? Kudos to the tracker for the TERRIFIC video! Incredible!

Master Tracker

Well that woke him up

Incredible interaction. It is true that we do not see most of these heart stopping moments out there in the bush that is probably an every day occurance.

I’m surprised the Flat Rock male didn’t detect the lioness until he was practically on top of her. I’m so glad neither of the leopards was injured! What a suspenseful sighting!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, glad they all escaped unscathed.. It makes you wonder how often these encounters occur when no one is there to witness them. The second Video says it is unavailable??

Second video up and running. I accidentally clicked “Private” on the YouTube settings but it should be available to watch now… Apologies!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you!

Captivating story…with visuals!! I eagerly await my daily Londolozi blog entry having left a piece of my heart there less than three weeks ago. None disappoint, but had to comment on this one since Sean was our amazing ranger…and because I’m all about the girl power. Keep’em coming.

Hi Loriann,

Sean is great! Glad you had a good time here!
Best regards

Great tracking and story. The guests must have been thrilled to witness such impressive animal behavior, including the strength and agility of the large leopards. Only wish I had been there……?❤️?

And that’s all it can take for a leopard to lose his life. Sobering and scary!

Hi Mary Beth,

We tend to think that some of the leopards that simply “disappear” meet their fates exactly like this. The Vomba female for one, was regularly seen moving through the thickets in and around the Sand River. We have a sneaking suspicion that the Tsalala pride got her…

First of all I think it’s amazing how well the injured eye has been healing. I am so happy for this beautiful animal. And of course, this sighting must have been so great and amazing. To see two leopards nearly taken down by a lioness: What a sight! I wish I could have seen it. I am really looking forward to your blogs every day.

Thanks for the comments Christina.
We’ll keep the blogs coming!

Hope to see these two leopards in October.

Hi Joan,
Hopefully they avoid walking into lionesses in thick reeds, and then you’ll have a good chance!

Best regards

James, we are traveling with friends from CA. It will be their first visit to Londolozi. My husband is training for the Chicago Marathon October 7, which is why we can’t come to celebrate our anniversaries. Our anniversary is Sept 5 and the other couples is Sept 12. This will be the 7th anniversary trip that we will spend together. Thanks for all the info that you have posted. We are saving the best for last, Londolozi!

too bad the 2nd video wasn’t available to watch. :/

Hi Dar,

Apologies for that,I accidentally clicked the “Private” setting in YouTube. It’s available now…

#Tsalalapower lives on! Glad no one was hurt and so glad to see the lone lioness holding her own. Well done Sean and Joy!

Exhale …. boy, was that close! We don’t need any further leopard losses and certainly the Anderson doesn’t need a new injury. This video was outstanding! It seems there have been so many exciting occurances in recent weeks, that one wonders what could top whatever had previously occurred! Real treats for staff and guests alike.

The best part of this story (aside from the leopards surviving) is the remaining Tsalala lioness is still going strong. :
We are pulling for that girl!

Hi Lisa,

We all are (but hopefully she leaves the leopards alone!)

Best regards.

Wow! Anderson is quickly using up his 9 lives! It looks like they were in direct physical contact. Did he sustain any injuries (scratches)?

Also, the second video posted, is “unavailable.”

Hi Linda,
Apologies I’ll double check on that second video.
As far as I know he was uninjured…

Impressive. Isn`t a leopard able to smell the lioness? That was not far away from a kill, but the reactions are perfect fast.

Digital Ranger

James, what happened to two brothers of this sub adult Tsalala lioness?


Eish Anderson! He can’t stay out of trouble for long. Glad he’s looking so good again.

Great footage,i wonder how often these sort of interactions happen off camera,these males were not fazed at all,they were far more interested in sorting out their territorial dispute.Looking at the size of their bellies it appears that Anderson made the kill and was subsequently robbed by the line Tsalala female Has there been any noticeable shift in their territories?I get the impression that Anderson is shifting his territory more south.

Hi Alexander,
From my understanding the Flat Rock male made the initial kill, and the Anderson male managed to steal a share.
Your impression is correct; we’ve been seeing the Anderson male south of the River far more.

Thanks James,a lot is happening on Londolozi lately.

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