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on Hyena Clan Make Stunning Comeback to Rob Wild Dogs of Their Carcass

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Stunning video. Amazing interaction captured between the predators.

Their chattering is wild! I love hearing both species calls, but together is especially interesting.

Exciting action video! It captured all the excitement and frenzy of the moment!

STUNNING!!!! How rare is that?????

The rivalry between wild dogs and hyenas is most interesting than the rivalry between hyenas and lions, because their strength is almost equally matched. And man, the cackles, whoops and yipping when they encounter in great numbers, is just amazing.

Wow, what an interaction! Mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing, James!

This is amazing! I guess we have fairly differing thoughts on what a “relatively easy meal” is though lol. Not much to go between all those hyenas & possibly the smaller ones that the dogs really got hold of wouldnt have got anything anyway.

Great sighting and fascinating video to watch the balance of power shifting between these two groups of predators


This is such a treat. Makes me feel like I am back on a game drive. Everyone had to be excited to see this rare interaction of dogs and Hyenas. The dogs are so fierce and its no wonder that as a pack they have such success in hunting. Great stuff James. Thank you,

Talk about up close and personal! Action packed ruckus with all the yelps, cackling and dodging. The guests were most fortunate to be so close. Smiled at the lone Hyena hiding from the fray next to the Rover …. and as to save face the Wild Dogs gave a farewell nip to a few lingering Hyenas. So, take THAT for stealing my dinner! Bite! Never a dull day in the bush!

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