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I am the Head of Development at Londolozi's not-for-profit partner organisation, the Good Work Foundation (GWF). GWF focuses on education, in particular helping people living in rural areas to connect to a new, digital Africa and all of its opportunities.

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on Believe in South Africa’s Youth

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This is such a lovely feel good story Ryan. Education is key in our beautiful country and there is so much potential out there that just need to be unlocked.

Thanks Marinda, we agree 🙂 We are also excited to see the potential of education technology and digital learning to provide access to many more people!

Good for you, Akani! You have belief in yourself and strong motivation to learn and better yourself. I grew up in a poor rural area in the United States, but I also was given some opportunities that I was more than happy to act on. It is easy to accept your fate, harder to work for a better tomorrow. You are now a role model for others, Akani. God bless those programs like GWF.

Well done! Wonderful to see your commitment to providing opportunities and building futures.

Well done Akani and congratulations on this wonderful opportunity! Your hard work and determination are leading you onward to an incredible life journey — I look forward to hearing where it leads you!

Fantastic personal story of achievement!
GWF’s overall student performance statistics continue to improve!
Scathing story about the state of education in South Africa on the front page of the New York Times on Sunday, August 5.

Thank you for bringing this story to our attention as it proves a small investment in human beings can reap a big return. Education is the key to our world’s success and for those who think they have no place in the work environment, programs like yours are vital. Kudos to Akani for taking the opportunities offered and running with them to achieve success.

Good Work does good work every day!

Made my day!!

So many kind and beautiful words. It is a privilege to be able to report back to our Londolozi tribe on stories like Akani’s and we will make sure that your kind words reach him. We continue to be grateful to Londolozi and all of you for believing that digital learning can and will make a huge difference in rural South Africa.

Inspiring story! Excited to see where Akani’s path leads and to learn about more stories like this one….

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