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Patrick Donehue has specialized in the production, marketing and management of stock photography since 1982. A professional photographer since 1977, Patrick has photographed in over 20 countries and his images have been used worldwide by clients such as General Electric, Motorola, Nissan and ...

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on Being There

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Stunning images. It is all about the experience in nature. You realy don’t need the newest and best camera. For me it is just about the memories. Lovely blog.

Great post Patrick! A lesson we can all learn from!

To me, at least, the mind is the most powerful recorder of memories and I love my gear as much as most. Hard choice to put the camera down, but you lived the life of the bush fully. Good for you! Lovely images and a well written blog about lessons we all need to be reminded of in life, as well as the bush.

I think we are all a little guilty of concentrating on the photo rather than the experience, but I don’t think I am quite ready to give up on getting that shot I want! But I do agree with you on many points, including that ‘lugging of all the equipment ‘! Very interesting post! Enjoyed seeing your iPhone shots!

Senior Digital Ranger

First, these shots are gorgeous and most importantly your insights are lovely. I have been aching the last couple of weeks to just “be” at Londolozi….to hear the birds and feel the warm wind, embrace each sunrise and sunset and celebrate each new discovery. Photos are fantastic but I tend to reflect more on the feeling and memories than the pictures I took myself. Cheers to you.

Awesome set of pics and taken from your iphone no less! Thank you for a great message as well.

Good article Patrick. Just goes to show “less can be more”! Sometimes when I hike I just take my iPhone 7s and am pleased with what I capture, even though I have a stable full of Nikon equipment.

Senior Digital Ranger

These images are stunning. Why would you bother with camera gear when you can immerse yourself in the experience with just a phone in your pocket?

Interesting images. I took away an impression of moody, wild, dark, dramatic. Snapseed looks to be pretty powerful…

And I liked them!

Senior Digital Ranger

Congratulations to you Patrick! I am always saying that the pictures you take will be special, but will be forgotten, but the “pictures” you have in your head are the memories that you will never forget! Thank you for this 🙂

Digital Ranger

Lovely photos even with a phone. It is difficult to not take every shot possible is, like me, it may be your one and only safari. Have to have those memories. But I agree with your decision to live in the moment; not through the lens. We were told by more than one guide at more than one lodge to be in/experience the moment. I do not regret sitting and enjoying some of my favorite sightings, without the camera. Great advice.

I couldn’t agree more. Just bask in the moment.

Truly inspirational, and all very true, food for thought! Great post!

The best camera it has often been said is the one you have with you

This blog is fantastic. The first time I went on safari, 20 years ago – and Londolozi was on the itinerary – I bought a book about wildlife photography while on safari. In the first chapter, the author said to make sure that you didn’t spend your whole time having the experience through the viewfinder. Your writing reminded me of what I see when I go to a rock concert. So many people are so concerned with taking video and images of the performers that they forget to watch and listen. Kudos to you and my friends at Londolozi for recognizing that ‘Being There’ is so much a part of what makes being on a safari a life-changing experience.

Beautiful images of the most profoundly beautiful place I have ever been. Londolozi lives within me and I can’t wait to go back. These photos capture the beauty of the experience.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for sharing your photos.. What a wonderful place to spend time.

Thanks so much for all of the kind words. Londolozi is an amazing place that is staffed by a wonderful and caring team. Having the opportunity to share all of these experiences and to witness and photograph life at Londolozi is a gift that is priceless. (Even when using an iPhone as a camera!)

Patrick, Your shots a re amazing and we think it’s a testament to what we can do with mobile phone photography today and using simple apps like Snapseed to edit. We are going to try to do more of that as well as video on our next visit to Londolozi!

Thanks so much for your comments. Have a wonderful time on your next visit to Londolozi!

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