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on What Happens When Two Lion Prides Decide to Share?

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This is exciting. Will it be possible for the young Mhangene males to eventually move to the north and form a pride with the Nkuhuma sub adults?

This was an amazing report James. How thrilled you must have been to come across this sight in the bush, a surprise to find the two prides(?) eating side by side, or perhaps eye to eye. I would think the sheer number of these two groups could pose trouble to other prides in the area, should they decide to unite.

What an thrilling opportunity you had, James, along with a solid think-thru sorting out this massive feeding group! The video was impressive with those throaty gnarls….the tension was nearly electrical. Only time will tell how these groups ultimately settle in within Londolozi. I’ve learned a lot from you. My thanks.

Hi Joanne,
Full credit to working out who they were goes to Andre Sithole. I was just happy to see 20 lions!

Exciting from the start to finish.

Hi love all your posts sorry I dont reply to many..but I hate writing ?
But what a fantastic sighting and read just a shame the video was a tad short..
I wonder if any of you seen the video of the lioness and her cub attacked by 22 wild dogs someone posted from some reserve sorry I foget its name but it must be so rewarding to come across such rare but amazing sights .

Digital Ranger

Please, can you regularly inform about the movement of a lone young Tsalala lioness ?
Thank you very much.

Hi Iren,
At the moment she has mainly been moving up and down the Manyelethi riverbed, but she crossed south of the Sand River and killed a wildebeest in the middle of the day about a week ago.
She seems to be doing well.

Digital Ranger

Great thanks, James. ♥

James, What an amazing sighting! The growling must have been incredibly intense. We are hoping that the Tsalala lioness makes it!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow I can’t imagine how exciting that sighting was. We do miss the Nkuhumas up North and hope they decide to come back. It would be nice if the Mhageni youngsters would accept the lone Tsalala Female.. The two females could bring the Tsalala Pride back from the brink

Another interesting event in the ever-shifting lion dynamics! It is very rare for two lions prides to share a kil. I read about a case once where two lion prides were hunting the same herd of zebra and actually ending up catching the same zebra! A massive fight quickly broke out and the zebra actually escaped!

It will be very interesting to see what the Tsalala Female does too.

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