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Don Heyneke

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Don guided at Londolozi between 2013 and 2018, developing into a specialist photographic guide during his time here.

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on The Week in Pictures #344

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This is such a lovely blog Don. Stunning images from the trainees.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nicely done, Don

Digital Ranger

Welcome to the new troops! It pains me to see the huge Anderson male with such an injury. Unfortunately like all of us I guess he’s slowing down a bit in his older years. Hopefully he can overcome the deficit with ease. I am surprised to see the Nkuhumas have wandered into Londo. That pride definitely loves their Buffalo, and excel in hunting them. Enjoy them.

All the images are great, the eye level of the Puff Adder particularly so.

Fascinating glimpse into the training life if a Londolozi Ranger/guide. Whilst it looks to be the ultimate job, enjoying nature at its finest, one has to factor in the human elements which sometimes can be more frustrating and difficult than tracking animals. I have tremendous respect for the professionalism exhibited by the majority of guides working within the African Safari tourism industry and wish you and the new guides all the best.

What a great idea for a blog – and a bit of an introduction to the guides of the future! Love the hippo and star pics; still can’t get over the Anderson male’s shocking injury.

Senior Digital Ranger

Stunning pictures & experiences by these young people who love the bush as we all do, so that you for sharing their moments with us Don & I wish you all a wonderful weekend 🙂

Really appreciate the photography tips rangers at given me on my trips to Londolozi. Mahalo.

In our 4 visits to Londolozi ,we have had wonderful guide tracker teams. Each team has taught us so many things and helped us to understand more about the animals bush human dynamics. We are looking forward to our next trip in January. Victoria

Great set of images and captions – thank you for sharing

So enjoyed all the pics – especially the one of the Bush Saffron Tree which seems to be growing a different kind of fruit! Loved the one of the Mom and Baby Hippo going to find a nice sandy patch to rest up for the day. Welcome to all the Trainees! You are in a wonderful place indeed …. Wendy M

Great photos guys, and some awesome descriptions to go with them!

Love the shot of the stars and guides!

Great post, Don! Very interesting (and reassuring) to get a glimpse of the comprehensive training received by Londolozi rangers. Love the photos, especially the primates in the tree!

What an exciting challenge to become a Londolozi Ranger! Fantastic images and story. Where do we sign up? 😉

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