on Female Cheetah and Cubs are Sticking Around

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Stunning images. I do hope they stick around. In Kruger we often see cheetah in areas with high lion density and they seem to survive.

Very special. Wonderful to be able to watch these treasures grow.

Just love the new gallery feature on the blog. It is addictive. Can’t stop going through the pictures and liking my favourites.

Wonderful story Grant. Hopefully you’ll be able to keep these three magnificent cats on your radar for awhile. Love the interaction between the mom and cubs – even at a year they’re dependent on her for nourishment.

Truly Londolozi is a magical place!!

Great sighting and Blog Grant! Love the photo with the cubs and mom on the termite mound. Keep them around for us 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

Like reconnecting with old friends: Mother cheetah and her two cubs we saw at end of our visit in late May and our guide, Grant. Nice to monitor the goings on of these cheetah

What a treat! Another long sighting which gave you the opportunity to take these exceptional images. One Cub gave you that direct elegant stare. So happy they reappeared for others to appreciate, Grant. In the deepest part of my heart I hope all three survive and flourish even if they are only standing on the bottom rung of the survival ladder.
So happy for all at Londolozi.

Grant, How exciting to see a Cheetah family at Londolozi! We know how rare that is and hope you get many more chances to see them!

Oh wow! I hope that I see them (and you, too Grant) when I am back in mid August. Great shots!

Digital Ranger

How great to see cheetahs again and I hope the cubs grow to maturity. it must be a pleasure for you as well after all this time.

Exciting news Grant and great photos! Is the lone male cheetah who used to be around still in residence or has he moved away to pastures new?

That was indeed a special sighting we shared, Grant! This threesome are elegant and playful and so special to see. So glad Bob and I shared the experience with you and Jerry!

We were fortunate to see the female cheetah with her 2 cubs before, during, and after an impala kill in 2013. That was an extraordinarily exciting, breathtaking experience as the kill occurred approximately 30 yards from our vehicle. It was fascinating to watch the female “train” the 2 cubs who actually performed the kill after the mother did the takedown after a 100 yard mad dash.

Hi Vin,
Cheetah are well documented as “training” their cubs, as you put it, with mothers often not killing young animals that she catches, but rather calling her cubs to her, releasing the prey and letting the cubs do the catching and killing. I remember Chris Goodman videoing that exact behaviour in 2013 with the female you mention.
Best regards

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