on Lions Take Down Wildebeest Unexpectedly

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Wow! A great adventure. Fantastic sighting and then stuck next to the lions. Great video.

Stellar video footage! Felt as if I were in the Land Rover watching this unfold. And after all that….a dead battery!

Hi Joanne.
I’m pretty sure the dead battery was worth it…! 😉

Senior Digital Ranger

Was it Nick’s vehicle without battery, and how did you tow the vehicle with the lions around? Quite exciting.

Haha Alessandra it was Grant’s vehicle. A little leaning out and blocking off of the procedure by another vehicle and it was managed safely…

wow, that sounds like the Grant we know and love – going all out to get the best/longest/most exciting experiences for Londolozi’s guests 🙂

Great description of this event, John. My parents and I were on the vehicle with the drained battery, and boy was it an adventure! We are still talking about how lucky we were to witness this scene up close. Truly amazing!

Love the video and dialogue. Those males are really selfish- it was the female that discovered the wildebeest!!


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