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on Why an Airbus A350 and a Land Rover Defender are Essentially the Same

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That is such a hliarous comparision, although now that you explained it it kinda makes sense (a little)!!!

Whenever I go on a game drive, if it is on a landrover at Londolozi or driving to Kruger entering the gate the excitement is always there. If it was the first or the 1000th time it is the anticipation of finding something out in the bush. It is also the peace and quiet you experience.

Master Tracker

Yes, they still make Airbuses sadly we are still waiting for the replacement Defender. Oh yes and I have been in a Defender driving through a river and bush following Wild Dog at Londolozi.

Bingo! All that you’ve written is so true. The journey aboard a sleek silver tube is the beginning and end of a much anticipated holiday, the former filled with dreams and expectations, the latter providing time to re-live some special moments that are still fresh in all one’s senses.

For me the 33 hour voyage to Joburg is a bit of a marathon, a steady trek with a prize at the end of some quality time in nature’s wonderland and I wouldn’t change a single hour of the journey.

Wherever you’re going, enjoy the experience!!

And a few more comparisons:
They’re both made out of aluminium, but you wouldn’t want to push either of them by yourself.

You can fix one of them yourself on the fly, but if you tried to fix the other it would probably stop flying.

One is low-tech and has kept going since the 1940s. The other is hi-tech but has only been going for 3 years.

Unlike the hi-tech one, the low-tech one is no longer being built. However, in 40 years time, the low-tech one will probably still be running, while the hi-tech will be completely forgotten.

And finally, an elephant has driven a landrover, but never flown an airbus.

Landrovers are definitely about the journey!

Where were you flying to?

Hi Mickey, we were on a surfing trip to Indonesia via Singapore.

How interesting! Where the heck are you all headed? ? Home I hope! Enjoy your holiday.

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